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With the words racing over them almost illegibly, it's a lovely, tensile tower of Babel.

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He's no outsider, though, having gotten his master's in fine arts from Hunter College in His show at Mario Diacono at Ars Libri is exciting and angry. It's a large abstract painting on panel.

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Pure abstraction is a departure for de Balincourt, who is known for images of giant conference tables and maps of the United States, among other things. But the design can be seen more than one way. The work is scuffed and awkward looking, but visually and geometrically sophisticated: It's a looping series of figure-eights in rainbow colors. The juncture in the middle of the panel could be either a black hole, sucking in all the light and matter around it, or a big-bang moment of creation.

It's a searing and ambitious painting. Although he's an abstract painter, Lloyd, whose father was an architect, often takes off from interiors, figures, and still lifes.

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It's a rollicking composition, but it wasn't until the s that Lloyd hit upon a gold mine with his lush, intimate interiors. In pieces such as "Interior with Cloud" he constructs space, then wittily foils it.


But the cloud of the title is not in the sky, it's a gold-and-brown haze in the foreground of the painting, disrupting the strong lines of the room Lloyd has situated us in. He has an understated but assured hand with color; there are surprisingly rapturous notes singing amid pedestrian earth tones. But the colors, and the confident brushwork, take a backseat to Lloyd's pulse back and forth between depth and flatness, representation and abstraction.

He is known for biting social critiques.

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Abstract, angry, exciting. Related links:.

More local art gallery listings. Calendar : For Ars Libri directions, map and information.

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Calendar : For Gallery Kayafas directions, map and information. You can also exercise your right to control delivery by marking "Refused" on the mail and returning it unopened to the Post Office. PaperKarma is a new app that only requires you to take a picture of the offending mail to remove yourself from the The nice thing is that you can pick and choose what you unsubscribe from.

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If you like getting a particular catalog, you can keep it on your list. When an attention line is necessary, put it first.

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  8. Put the ZIP Code on the last line next to the city and state. Type or print the address clearly in the middle of the envelope. Allow at least one inch margins to the left and right of the address. Left justify each mailing address.

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    Print the address in dark type on white or light-colored envelopes. Whenever possible, use business or courtesy reply envelopes. Other Important Addressing Information The address should be typed in all capital letters.