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Knapp Henry J. Jane F. Delemeter Ethel C. Stanton S. Stanton Cora Dix George H. Krouse Fred Unknown Laura M. Peck Ambrose B. Mary J. Doig Nancy E. Arbuckle George F. Franger George O.

Hannah M. Wood Jennie G. Gallup L. VanDyke Myron H. Gussie Higgins Bessie M. Hilson Thomas A. Hilson Janette O. Sarah F. Robb Rebecca B. Euphemia D. McCune A. King John G. Worden E. Thompson, Jr. Henry C. Sussie B. Thomson Sarah Baker Floyd J. Davie Ira B. Lucy A. Daniesl Lena Bolster Frank W. Hanford G. Brownell Emma J. Turner William Turner Harriet D. Moss Phineas H. Hoyt George B. Hotailing James W. Munn William R. Cechna Saunders Nancy J. Seeley F. Scull Alfred M.

Elizabeth Westcoat Lillace S. Gordon R. Cormack Elizabeth Wollerton Albert E. Vail Vale John D. Lucy Adams Hettie M. Moss William T. Simmons William S. Spencer Thomas N. Griffin Cornelius Deborah T. Covert Emma A. Sarah E. Morley Frederick Morley Libbie A. DESilva A. Ward Ella M. Hewitt Leona M.

Gregory George S. Gregory Katharine Bertrand Robert M. Brundage Fields Ebbie J. Kersler Horace A. Nichols Joseph R. Vermilyea John D. Ida Jump Nellie M. Germond Arthur B. Terry Jacob V. Blair Anna Thompson Lucius A. Jager Edwin J. Signor Julia R. Gregory Berton B. Hattie Moore Cecile Combs W. Francisco James Mary A. Decker Ruth A. Brodrick Susan Calkin Smith W. Ballard G. Katherine More Edith M.

Mayham Andrew Cowan Jams A. Isabel Archibald Anna A. Holman James Mary A. Finch Sarah Drummond William H. Elliott James C. Dickson Kate L. Barnhart William I. Cynthia Knapp Mary E. Scudder John G. Scudder Ella Willes Fred R. Loie Tyson Annah Vanalstine W. Cordelia Whiteker Coral M. Gregory Peter R. Boyce Ralph M. Allen Thcoe E. Adaline M. Gunyan Nellie W. Birdsall James D. Burnside Maggie J. Bundy Lodovico L. Conklin Philip S. Conklin Mary E. Seth Perry D.

Warren John C. Maggie M. Thompson Lina E. Vandervort Charles H. Vandervort Myrtle M. Roe Argyle F. Peters Elizabeth Butler Marvin E. Clark John H. Ellura Grant Linnie M. Coons William H. Coons Ida Herrick Jack W. Raymond John B. Radeker George A.

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Cynthia J. Budine Elizabeth F. Stewart Junius Stewart Hannah J. Thompson John M. Mary M. Oliver Edna E. Dibble Freeman C. Dibble Fannie J. Palmer Walter S. Darling Jubal T. Kelley Jason S. Vinton Jennie C. Huyck Andrew J. Every George W. Sarah Hewitt Helena A. Estella Hotaling Jamse H. Thompson John O. John Russell R. Neer David I. Mary Wormuth Aurelia M. Cutler Leonard S.


Francis E. Smith Samuel Rosa A. Smith Elsie J. Wilbur William H. Jennie Wilbur Anna M. Darby John Mary A. Jones Edna L. Mason Peter E. Mason Flora Bailey John S. Tranusue Jay A. Helen Grant Florence D. Gransbury Charles O. Gransbury Bertha E. Clark Grocer C. Ella J. McKenzie Charle T. McKenzie Ida E. Shout Harry A. Wilbur Frank L. Susa A. Doig Frank E.

Borden Stephen L. Hill Lucy A. Baxter Walter A. Griswold Edward T. Sevan Ana M. Scrum O. Scrum Maud M. Thomas Clarence R. Peckham John B. Mary L. Eastman Isa G. Griswold Charles H. Mary Bethmerel Debora T. Scrum Maude M. Thomas Walter A. Rowley H. Rose Perkins Lulu E. Powell Frederick W. Powell Hattie Case Erwin H.

Johnson Edwin D. Susan Mills Ida B. Peck Mary J. Hanford William M. Hanford Caroline L. Bailey Carry B. Sarah T. Crawford Margaret Amos Earnest D. Kenyon Charles A. Nettie M. Merritt Sadie C. Radeker Jane Burdine William H. Wood Luise Morley Robert P. Brownell Henry M. After clerking for a federal judge in Portland, Oregon, she relocated to Seattle and worked at the Public Defender's office where she Kenny firm with over 24 years of legal experience, focusing in Family Law, Estate planning and Probate.

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Smythe is committed to an open line of communication with her clients and recognizes the need to keep clients fully informed of all aspects of their case. Sarah Elizabeth Hovland Sarah is a person who happens to also be an attorney fueled by compassion, curiosity, and the desire to see justice prevail. She started her path towards the legal profession at age 7 when she negotiated her first deal: to stay up past her bedtime. She did not win. Several decades later, she applied this and many other life lessons to the practice of law. In her spare time, you can find Sarah at the local dog park trying and failing to get her dog to fetch a tennis ball, playing on the water, listening to music, traveling around this Newcombe We are a dedicated team of legal professionals who are here to help you in your time of need and crisis.

Our Washington State lawyers have the resources, the knowledge, and the experience to assist you with your legal matter in our practice areas. Elizabeth A. She is adept in a number of areas of family law, including divorce, adoption, domestic violence, unmarried couples, LGBT family law, and more. Elizabeth passionately advocates for her clients as well as the community at-large, particularly in the areas of domestic violence advocacy and the welfare of children.

Claimed Lawyer Profile Blawgsearch. Debra Synovec, founder of Whole Mediation, Inc. Whole Mediation offers clients a progressive, productive, and peaceful process to resolve family challenges and create a more balanced, empowering approach to conflict resolution. Debra combines her unique skills acquired as an attorney, CPA and social worker to pragmatically and compassionately help clients address the legal, financial and emotional Kim Sara's focus includes Family Law and Civil Litigation.

Sara Kim is a passionate advocate who, in every case, is driven to seek justice for her clients. In private practice since , Sara is a highly experienced family law attorney; she also has a thriving practice in the areas of personal injury and civil litigation. Keeping a client-centered focus has been fundamental to her success.

The point is to make myself accessible: I believe that being there to listen is the only way to truly know Robertson Laurie Robertson has been practicing family law since As a seasoned and aggressive divorce lawyer, she is extremely familiar with Washington state's complicated laws. She is a compassionate and caring attorney driven by results, and she knows her way around the court room. Attorney Robertson's extensive experience and legal knowledge allow her to serve a range of client needs. Laurie earned her B. A in psychology at Rutgers University, New Jersey. She earned her J. After law school, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and worked for a firm which focused on family Family law is a very active practice area.

Though the people change and the law itself evolves, the need for capable, considerate legal representation remains constant. It is that kind of representation I want to provide. Her dedication to the practice of family law comes from a passion to connect with the lives of people who need help and provide them with capable and considerate representation. I have been practicing law in Washington for 38 years. My practice has focused solely on family law including such issues as divorce, support modifications, parenting plans, paternity, prenuptial agreements and gay and LGBT family law.

I am a seasoned, tenacious legal professional who offers practical and honest advice about making your legal matters efficient and cost-effective. I have been married 39 years and have two children and two grandchildren. In my free time I enjoy golf, gardening and spending time with my family. Brian Edwards started his career in clinical psychology, where he often served as a court-appointed counselor for mentally ill patients. He has significant trial experience and is particularly knowledgeable in non-parental custody matters.

He feels most gratified when he can improve the welfare of children. Seattle , WA Bruce Pruitt-Hamm is an attorney who can litigate, mediate or collaborate. Litigation- As an attorney with over 20 years experience, Bruce Pruitt-Hamm has been awarded the highest rating by the national lawyer-rating service, Avvo. Since graduating in from the University of Washington School of Law near the top of his class, he has litigated over one thousand cases in a wide variety of areas of the law. View Website View Lawyer Profile.

I am an attorney in private practice with the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny in Bellevue, Washington, where I focus on family law and criminal defense. I am a graduate of Duke Law School Class of , with over 25 years of legal experience. Sw Edmonds , WA John Maull, a bookkeeper. William C. Maull, a clerk. These 3 were listed in the Phila. Maull, and so were presumably her sons. Alfred Smith. Issue: George Smith. Robert Smith. March 7, Issue by 1st marriage: Harriet Adelaide Maull Blanchard, d. He may be the William N. The complete list of his children is not known.

Issue by 2nd wife Martha: Mattie Maull, m. Morton Mason, issue Herbert Mason. Edward Maull, m. Elizabeth Rule, issue 3 children. Walter Maull, m. Marne Warne or Warner, issue 2 or 3 girls. Helen M. June 14, Dr. Milton N. Keim of Phila. May 28, Edward Maull was b. Simmons, probably the dau. He was a plasterer. Edward Maull enlisted Aug. He left no issue; his widow was awarded a war pension. National Archives, Washington, D.

Records of Adjutant General of U. William Nehemiah Maull Maxwell, b. June 8, , d. March 28, Mildred Emily Maxwell, b. June 21, , d. July March 1, at Phila. Church, John Holmes Scott, b. June 30, at Phila. He was a builder and ship chandler and lived in Phila. April 5, Both are buried in Odd Fellows Cem. Issue: 75 William Maull Scott, b. Harriet Scott, b.

July 17, ; she left a will dated Feb. July 29, , mentioning her sisters Harriet B. Niven and Sallie A. Maull lived in Georgetown; was registered as a physician in in Sussex Co. Issue by 1st marriage: 79 David William Maull, b. May 16, , in Georgetown. Thomas Edward Maull, b. March 3, July 9, Mary Maull, b. July 11, James Henry Maull bible. SCWR: March June 15, John Houston Elle- good, b. He lived in Georgetown and kept the Eagle Hotel. Issue: 82 Julia Ann Ellegood, b. Penelope Jane Ellegood, b. Miranda Harris Ellegood, b. Martin W. Bates Ellegood, b. July 7,, d. Priscilla Rust Ellegood, b.

May 27, in his 79th yr. Mary Eleanor Ellegood b. March 24, , d. James Steel, a widower, b. He was a farmer who lived outside of Georgetown, was interested in a brick kiln, and was Sheriff of Sussex Co. Both are interred in the old Steel burying ground at Georgetown. Issue: 85 Janies Maull Steel, b.

Millie T. Steel, d. Eliza Fisher Steel, b. George M. James Harris, who lived at Georgetown. March 21, and is buried in Odd Fellows Cem. Issue: 86 Catharine Franklin Harris, b. He was a farmer and builder and lived near Milton. March 26, , aged 73 yrs. May 1, July 20, Issue: 90 James H. McGlothen b. Augustten McGlothen. John P. Charles Thomas McGlothen b. Elizabeth L. July 18, March 4, Pride b. Willard S. June 2, without issue and buried in Odd Fellows Cem. He was a newspaperman and lived in Phila.

March 20, Pa Gen. He lived in Lewes, and d. April 12 or 28, Both are buried in Lewes M. Issue: 95 Rebecca West Maull b. James West Maull d. July 13, age 2 yrs. Runk, John Ingram at Lewes Presb. Church on Aug. John Ingram and wife Mary are mentioned as heirs of her brother Peter Maull in the administration of his estate June 30, She had d. March 2, , aged 36 yrs. Issue: Lavinia or Louisa Wilson Ingram b. Archives A87, pp Duffel, b. The following bible and tombstone records suggest that he may have married a second time: Samuel West b.

Rhoda Duffield. Rhoda Maull, widow of Joseph, and of Samuel West, b. July 10, and is buried in Lewes M. Issue: Eliza Ann Maull b. Matilda M. June 29, , d.

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Archives, A87, pp. Cornelius Waples, b. Joseph Waples and Hester White, and d. July, Cornelius like his father Joseph was an Elder in the Sawmill Presb. The latter had been a captain of militia in the Revolution. Cornelius was in the military force defending Lewes against the British attack in the War of Cornelius had m.

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Vickers and had issue: Thomas d. He and his 2nd wife Jane were named as heirs of her brother Peter Maull in the administration of his estate June 30, Martin and Wm. Thoroughgood, witnesses. Burton and John A. Burton, witnesses. Issue: -Waples d. Mary Elinor Waples m. She may have had issue. Peter I. Waples d. Cornelius Waples b. June 8, Alfred Waples, youngest son, d. Archives, A87 pp. SCWR :L and Thomas Coleman, widower, b. Margaret Maull was mentioned as an heir of her brother Peter Maull in the administration of his estate June 30, She owned her father's bible, herein referred to as one of the Hickman bibles.

Thomas Coleman was a silversmith as had been his father. By his 1st wife, Nancy Walton, who is buried in the Presb. Thomas had a dau. Ellen Prettyman Coleman, b. March 16, , d. Robert R. Russell, a sea captain of Lewes, b. March 25, , and both buried in the Lewes Presb. They had 7 children: 5 who probably d.

Russell who m. John Metcalf to whose paragraph reference is made for further information. March 5, John Metcalf, b. July 19, , aged 67 yrs. John Metcalf lived in Lewes. He left a will dated May 20, , and probated in Sussex Co. Annie Eliza Metcalf and 4 other children, Thomas E. Metcalf, executrix his dau. Annie Eliza Metcalf; witnesses, John D. Rodney and Alfred P. Hetty was mentioned as an heir of her brother, Peter Maull, in the administration of his estate, June 30, Issue: Thomas Evans Metcalf b.

Mary Allen Metcalf b. Margaret J. Metcalf b. May 14, , d. Anna Eliza Metcalf b. Joseph Maull Metcalf b. He lived in Omaha and d. Alfred P. June 8, at Los Angeles, Cal. He lived in Los Angeles and d. SCWR :O March 30, Nathaniel D. Hickman, b. March 9, , son of Selby and Mary Hickman, d June 22, Nathaniel Hickman and wife Lydia are mentioned as heirs of her brother Peter Maull in the administration of his estate 47 June 30, Lydia Hickman is mentioned in the will of her father Peter Maull 10 dated Apr. Issue: Eliza Allen Hickman b. Mary S. Hickman b.

Willey and d. Derrickson, b. May or July 14, Both are buried at Roxana. Levin was a sea captain and lived at Roxana. His will, dated Aug. Derrickson, Sarah B. Lynch, Hetty C. Derrickson and Matilda A. Derrickson; witnesses, N. Evans and Joshua I. Matilda Avas mentioned as an heir of her brother Peter Maull in the administration of his estate June 30, Issue: Peter Maull Derrickson b.

Derrickson b. July 16, SCWR :L Con- well, b. July 8, in her 82nd yr. May 30, in his 76th yr.

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Janies lived in Lewes and was a shipcarpenter. He was listed as one of the heirs of his father March 12, Letters of administration on his estate were granted Sept. Maull, the account filed and settled Feb. Issue : John A. May 7, , lived in Phila. Edward H. He was a carpenter and lived in Phila. Sarah Maull b. James R. July 25, , d. Samuel R. Hannah C. Emily Maull b. Rowland of Lewes. June 13, or , was a farmer, lived at Lewes, d. Caroline Maull bible.

Republican, issue of May 17, Russell , d. He was a pilot and lived at Lewes. Elizabeth or Betsey Sanders, who d. June 13, or in her 33rd yr. John Maull, son of John, d. Peter's Churchyard. His estate was administered in Sussex Co. Maull 45 administrator. Issue: Mary Jane Maull, dau. She is listed March 12, among the heirs of John Maull 11 , her grandfather. Hetty Maull m. Thornton Wiltbank as his 1st wife, and had 2 children. Adeline Maull, unmarried. These 2, exact relationship undetermined, appear in the list of the heirs of John Maull Presumably they, like Mary Jane, d.

Both are now buried in Mount Peace Cem. Samuel lived in Phila. His widow and 9 children joined in a deed of land in Lewes, adjoining Thomas S. MaulPs lot, to Edward H. Maull of Phila. May 2, her cousin William Burton Maull, to whose paragraph reference is made for further information. Elizabeth Carter Maull b. Mary Ann Maull b. Emilia Cornealia Maull b. May 14, , evidently unmarried. Comfort Boland Maull b. Jane Scott Maull b. Samuel Maull bible. SCDR Burton of Millsboro, Del. Reynolds of Lewes, b. May 30, , buried in Lewes Presb. He is said to have been a powder monkey when Lewes was bombarded by the British in , carrying powder from the magazine to the fort.

Issue by 1st marriage: William Burton Maull b. Issue by 2nd marriage: Harry Maull, d. May 15, July 17, March 25, May 18, , d. Burton Maull bible. Thomas lived in Lewes. He was listed as one of the heirs of his father John Maull on March 12, A picture of the house is published at page of the W.

He left a will dated Feb. Russell witnesses. Issue: Mary West Maull b. July 14, July 23, and m. John W. Saunders, b. May 3, , d. May 12, , aged 27 yrs. After her death her husband remarried and had several children. Issue: Samuel R. Saunders b. May or June 20, , d. March 11, , aged 5 yrs. Charles M. Volunteer Infantry, in which he enrolled Aug. Maull, son of Nehemiah Maull 12 , was b.

He lived in Millsboro and d. March 12, , aged about 76 yrs. Both are buried in Millsboro M. Susan Maull b. Joseph Bloomfield Strafford. Issue of Elisha P. Maull and Mary Maull: E. Thomas Maull d. June 12, , aged 28 yrs. Charles Maull d. Alice Maull d. These 3 are buried in the same lot as William Maull 15 and Elisha P. Issue of Joseph B. Strafford and Mary Maull: Catharine A. Strafford b.

May 2, March 31,, Shepard Prettyman Houston, b. Houston and Mary Prettyman, d. March 22, , and buried in the Presb. March 26, May 9, Joseph Maull Houston b. He was a surgeon at Lewes. SCWR :A87, pp. He was a farmer and captain of small ships running out of the Indian River, and lived at Blackwater. May, Both are buried on his farm at Blackwater. Roman Tammany has a sampler worked by Hetty Maull in Mrs. Issue: Mary Tunnell b. May 7, Elizabeth Tunnell m. March 24, Tunnell b.

Isaac Tunnell b.

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Charles E. March, , m. No issue. Hannah Maull Tunnell b. Josiah Shaw of Millville, N. Tohn Maull bible. May 30, , his 2nd cousin, Mary Catharine Kitty Marshall, b. Both are buried in 55 St. His will was dated Feb.

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Maull, grandchildren Mary W. Maull and Arthur W. Maull, children of Franklin C. Maull and Franklin C. Norman, Trustees of the M.