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Am I eligible for expungement in New York state?

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Vacca said it would be unacceptable for posh locations to see installations of the hubs without a simultaneous commitment to installations in underserved communities, a situation he will be monitoring. Those points are laid over a map of median income - with areas of lower median income represented by darker color. Want to see how many pay phones are in your neighborhood? Zoom in on the map and find out! The map to the left shows the density of pay phones using data provided by DoITT. The map to the right shows poverty rates using the American Community Survey data provided by the Department of City Planning.

The interactive map shows the location of pay phones each represented by a green dot using data provided by DoITT. Concerned there won't be enough free Wi-Fi in your neighborhood when they begin to convert pay phones to Wi-Fi hubs and add new hubs? A new council of 31 criminal justice and social service experts created by the Cuomo administration is set to examine how the state can make it easier for prisoners to successfully re-enter society, establishing themselves and contributing as citizens instead of winding their way back through the courts and prison system.

Improving social re-entry has the dual goal of aiding those New Yorkers in setting out on a productive, healthy path and easing the burden on taxpayers increased by recidivism. The New York State Council on Community Re-Entry and Reintegration , announced in July, is tasked with finding "comprehensive and data-driven solutions to alleviate barriers to re-entry experienced by formerly incarcerated New Yorkers," according to the Cuomo administration. When prisoners are released they face a slew of potential hazards that can quickly lead them back toward jail: housing, employment, transportation, identification, health care, and social support make for a daunting list of needs.

The recently incarcerated are more at risk to re-offend if they can't satisfy very basic needs, though at times those needs are harder for them to secure because of their status as offenders. David notes that there are a host of issues that will be explored, but the priority will be to focus on what the state can do to reduce obstacles for ex-offenders. The initiative got its start, David added, thanks to another Cuomo administration program, Work for Success , that has connected over 1, former inmates with jobs. Rossana Rosado, re-entry council chair and a member of the board of trustees at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, says the group is in a unique position.

We are going to help state agencies service the population in a more effective way. Glenn Martin earned a social science degree during his six-year stay in Attica on an armed robbery conviction. Upon his release the Bedford Stuyvesant native wanted to start a normal life and was ready to work. Today Martin says he wasn't the one who lost out - it was those 40 employers - because Martin has become a nationally-renowned expert on criminal justice reform who has served as the head of major reform organizations, sits on the boards of a slew of others, and is a regular guest expert on major television networks as well as a Huffington Post columnist and founder of JustLeadershipUSA , an advocacy group dedicated to cutting the prison population in half by Martin is also set to serve on Cuomo's re-entry council and said he is excited because the group is not set to simply issue a report and then dissapear.

Alphonso David confirms that the group does not have an expiration date and is considering holding public meetings as well as working with legislators and the formerly incarcerated. Its good for the state, good for the economy, and good for public safety. Martin also said that knee-jerk reactions to the actions of one ex-offender have led to serious setbacks with work release programs and banning ex-offenders with violent records from certain jobs. That quick pushback, Martin says, ignores statistics that show violent offenders are the least likely to re-offend: "They get out of prison and they are older and wiser, they aren't apt to commit another violent offense.

And yet affordable housing programs exclude violent offenders. David and Rosado note that the re-entry council plans to be vigilant so that any red tape they remove does not have "unintended consequences. State Senator Gustavo Rivera worked with The Osborne Association to transform the empty Fulton Correctional Facility in the Bronx into a one-stop shop for re-entry needs including housing and employment, along with a small-business incubator.

Rivera says he has great hopes for the council. Elizabeth Gaynes, head of The Osborne Association and a member of the re-entry council, said she is particularly interested in addressing the fact that New York faces an aging prison population - a majority of which will be making their way back into the community carrying with them a unique set of needs. Gaynes said she is also interested to learn what kind of resources the governor's office will provide the council to complete its tasks.

The re-entry initiative follows in Cuomo's quest to reform New York's criminal justice system. Cuomo famously announced in his State of the State address that, "An incarceration program is not an employment program," and since then has shuttered prisons across the state as the prison population has declined. Upstate communities have long-relied on prisons for stable employment opportunities. This year, facing criticism that he did not focus on issues that are important to people of color in his State of the State, Cuomo announced he wanted to institute a program that would give certain inmates free college education.

The plan was met with great backlash from Republican legislators who said it was an abuse of taxpayer funds and weak on criminals. The initiative died quietly this spring. The re-entry council appears to be another bite at the apple for Cuomo and designed to appeal to a liberal base that he has clearly had issues with while heading into the elections. Cuomo's Democratic primary opponent , Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout, said that Cuomo has been "afraid to lead" on more drastic measures to actually keep people out of prison.

Teachout says Cuomo should be granting more clemencies and decriminalize marijuana. Unless we don't believe in that and think someone should be forever tainted. Allowing offenders to simply go back into the revolving door of crime costs taxpayers more. This program benefits taxpayers. Mayor de Blasio announces 'Jobs for New Yorkers' photo: nyc.

For many New Yorkers, the Great Recession is an increasingly distant memory. Employment in the city has surpassed pre-recession levels, bolstered by more than , jobs added between and Wall Street is enjoying a bull market stretching into its sixth year, and home values across the five boroughs have rebounded sharply. One group of New Yorkers has not shared in the recovery, however: low-skilled young adults. Indeed, their economic struggles predated the downturn, and absent drastic policy changes they will continue indefinitely.

Approximately , young adult New Yorkers - approximately 35 percent of the city's total to year old population - are either out of school and not working, or employed in low-wage jobs with limited advancement opportunities. Without targeted support, the large majority of them will struggle to achieve steady employment and financial independence, and many could face homelessness, incarceration and serious health problems. At the same time, New York City employers will miss out on the energy, technological sophistication and creativity of these young adults. Since its creation in , JobsFirstNYC has worked to develop strategies and mobilize stakeholders to connect young adults with limited education and work experience to the New York City labor market.

Key elements of the plan include:. A set of sectoral partnerships to help young adults prepare for careers in high-demand fields; 2. Training and apprenticeship programs to create a pipeline of skilled workers within those sectors; 3. A network of community-based Opportunity Centers to help out-of-school, out-of-work young adults get back on track through employment and education programming; and, 4.

A one-stop web portal providing career information and access to education, training and career resources. Over the last several decades, New York City's labor market has changed in ways that have made it all but impossible for young adults without education and training beyond high school to access middle-wage jobs.

For the most part, the city now creates high-wage jobs that require four-year college degrees and specialized training, or low-wage, low-skilled positions in sectors such as food service and retail. But young adults can fill many of the middle-skilled jobs that remain, in fields like computer support, building maintenance and welding, so long as they can get the required training and have access to employers—assets the public workforce system can help to provide.

Together, the four initiatives detailed in Unleashing the Economic Power of the 35 Percent would represent a seamless, employer-focused and community-based system to effectively engage out-of-school, out-of-work and at-risk young adults while adding to New York City's human capital stock. Successful implementation would require an unprecedented commitment not only from city government, but from the private sector and philanthropy as well. From a public finance perspective, this is an investment with enormous potential return.

Improving the fortunes of the 35 Percent should be high on the de Blasio administration's to-do list. Few if any policy initiatives would do more to advance the mayor's goal of expanding economic opportunity, and the recent convening of the Jobs for New Yorkers Task Force to overhaul workforce development in New York City provides a perfect opportunity for the mayor to name support for young adults as a top priority. Above all else, leadership—from City Hall, the business community, and philanthropy—is needed to help young New Yorkers realize their full potential to contribute to the city economy.

However, through the darkness and chaos of Sandy's New York arrival and aftermath, the lights in one section of Northern Brooklyn never went out. Now, two years later, they are still on and representative of a newfound focus on sustainability in a post-Sandy New York City. Home to these lights is the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Once bustling with around 70, workers building ships for the United States Navy, environmental issues were not at the forefront of anyone's mind. Today, however, the Yard looks a lot different than it once did. While it is still a acre industrial ground, today it is burgeoning with modern projects like a rooftop covered in kale, bok choy, carrots and other produce or the wind and solar-powered lights across the Yard, resilient in the face of one of New York City's most trying moments.

While Duggal, and Brooklyn Grange, whose produce adorns the rooftop of building three, are trying to turn a profit, resilience and sustainability are never far from their minds. These projects and many others on the more than year-old naval yard are emblematic of a new industrial mindset, participants in the green economy with an eye each on business success and environmental sustainability. Sustainability is a tricky concept. It has a different definition depending on whom you talk to.

However, with the threats of climate change and the destructive potential of hurricanes and other natural disasters, few challenge the importance of a focus on sustainability. It is an essential element of today's world that must be understood, according to Adam Friedman, the Executive Director of the Pratt Center for Community Development. Friedman predicts that every person will need to adopt sustainable behaviors and ultimately every business will have to be green in order for the planet and its occupants to survive.

Friedman describes sustainable practices as a way to combat climate change, an issue he called perhaps the greatest threat civilization will ever face. Home to some of the city's most aggressive, forward-thinking sustainability efforts, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is a vast industrial park in Wallabout, Brooklyn, bordering the Vinegar Hill and Fort Greene neighborhoods. A lot of the Yard still looks straight out of the 20th century, but new construction projects, pockets of modern art, and bright blue Citi Bikes remind you which century you are in.

Yard management and many of the companies that inhabit it have embraced the importance of operating in an environmentally-friendly way and creating products that help others to do so. As hurricane season once again arrives, the significance of sustainability becomes even more tangible - whether New York gets hit by another major storm or not. The Yard is now a hub for both environmentally-friendly initiatives and businesses as the city attempts to traverse an unpredictable, changing environment and make sure it is prepared for the next big storm.

For years after the decommissioning of the Brooklyn Navy Yard by the federal government, the Yard became the picture of neglect; home to a decaying infrastructure with trees growing on rooftops and piers crumbling into the East River. The Yard is now home to over 40 buildings, tenants, and a committed effort to be environmentally friendly. Like any structure at the Yard, a commitment to sustainable practices needs to be built from the foundation upward, and that is what has happened.

LEED is recognized around the globe as the leading standard for design, construction, operations and maintenance in green buildings. Energy star roofs adorn many buildings, and the water and sewer systems have been revamped. The Yard's investment in infrastructure has not only been physical. BNYDC also fosters an environment committed to innovation for itself and its tenants. While this manifests itself in many ways, it is especially evident when it comes to new models for sustainability.

The Pratt Center — a community organization connected to Pratt Institute - published a page report about the Brooklyn Navy Yard last year that describes the Yard's most important policy. It's not one decision, it's adoption of a vision. Stepping onto the Yard, a visitor does not have to look far to see the vision at work.

Wind and solar street lamps litter the grounds, there are 11 Citi Bike locations on the Yard or within a one block radius in order to promote environmentally-friendly transportation. New York City's first building with mounted wind turbines is also located on the Yard, another of many more examples of sustainability efforts and design at the Yard. Bien Hecho has been located on the Yard from its inception and was contracted to do millwork, such as doors and window casings, of BLDG Bien Hecho is one of the companies on the Yard that markets itself as a green or environmentally-sustainable company.

According to the Pratt Center report, 19 percent of firms on the Yard market themselves this way. Randall gestured to a pile of wood stacked to the ceiling in the corner of his company's nearly 4,square-foot suite. He explained that some of the wood once made up a section of the Coney Island boardwalk before it was thrown away and he salvaged it. This wood, Randall said, will eventually be made into furniture. Randall estimates that his company uses 30 to 40 percent reclaimed materials, even though his eventual goal is for that number to be Bien Hecho also uses low volatile organic compound VOC water-based finishes in its work, which is mainly millwork and building custom furniture.

These environmentally friendly practices are used both for Randall's bottom line and what he calls his "social responsibility. The report shows that 47 percent of the tenants surveyed stated that the investment in green infrastructure is either crucial or important to their business, while 33 percent said that they have adopted sustainable business practices as a result of being located at the Yard.

The Yard houses a lot of small niche manufacturers like Bien Hecho, but it is also home to larger environmentally-friendly businesses, such as IceStone and Duggal. IceStone makes durable surfaces that are often used as countertops or bathroom vanities. These surfaces are made out of percent recycled glass and cement and the company has won nine awards for their sustainability efforts. Duggal, a company with nearly employees and a total of seven buildings has been lauded for their own environmental efforts as well, including their innovative state-of-the-art laboratory called the Duggal Greenhouse.

It is used as an event venue and utilizes solar energy, organic air purification, and eco-friendly building practices. Duggal provides eco-friendly printing, computer imaging and other services. Greenery covers the roof of building three on the Yard. Kale, bok choy, carrots, peppers, and other produce are grown on the 65,square-foot Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm. The farm helps capture and divert one million gallons of stormwater runoff each year, according to Glover.

This grant represents just a fraction of the support the Yard has received from the government and private investors. Both programs were created to combat the threats of climate change and address the environmental factors that can negatively affect living conditions in the five boroughs. You get a large economy of scale that you can have for green infrastructure. The new ,square-foot Green Manufacturing Center on the Yard that is targeted to lease to green manufacturers is an example of these exciting opportunities. Enck in an email.

While the government and organizations such as the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, which recognized BNYDC last year for its recycling program, have acknowledged the collective efforts at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, many recognize there is still plenty of work to be done. BNYDC has instituted a pilot waste-management program that has encouraged more recycling and has helped reduce truck traffic on the yard by 90 percent, according to Glover. However, Randall, who had opted to participate until recently, described some flaws in the program, including glitches and a dramatic rise in costs.

Especially where a commitment to sustainability exists and new initiatives are being tested all the time, partners must remain agile and ready to adapt as needed. There is no easy way for a company or organization to implement large-scale sustainability practices, or to offset the environmental footprints left on the environment by individuals and businesses, but BNYDC seems aware that in order to continue growing sustainability efforts, organizations must change as technologies and the world around them change.

Ask a hundred people who live on the East Side what they love about their neighborhood and you'll hear a hundred different answers. Ask the same people what is their least favorite thing about where they live and you'll hear the same refrain over and over: it's too far from the subway! New York neighborhoods live or die based on their proximity to public transit. The far East Side, from Third Avenue to East End Avenue, has always suffered due to its distance from the Lexington line, the only subway line operating in the 8 full avenue blocks between Central Park and the East River.

The Lexington line serves an average of 1. The Second Avenue Subway offers the promise of public transit to the East Side to neighborhoods long isolated. When Phase 1 opens in , the entire East Side will enjoy the same easy access to subways as the rest of Manhattan. New Yorkers who live and work on the far East Side will finally know what it's like to catch a train just a couple of blocks away. As of , not very far.

The first phase of the Second Avenue Subway, opening in , will only extend the Q line from 57th Street to 96th Street. While this will provide some much-needed relief on the Lexington line, it doesn't truly solve the problem: a dearth of subway access east of the entire length of Lexington Avenue. Extending the Q train four stops only helps Upper East Siders travelling to destinations near Broadway mostly on the West Side in midtown. It is unclear if the MTA is prepared to seamlessly move forward with construction.

As of yet, no concrete steps have been taken to ensure that construction of the Second Avenue Subway will continue past Phase 1. It's a mistake to introduce a delay of any kind into this construction process. When Phase 1 concludes in , the team of thousands that has made this project possible will disband without a new phase to move on to. Any pause between phases, no matter how slight, will result in a loss of institutional knowledge, equipment, staff and experienced contractors, and cause future delays.

It's also a mistake to miss out on the lowest interest rates we're likely to see for decades. Right now is a perfect time to raise capital to continue Second Avenue Subway construction. In order to take advantage of this, we need to build as much as we can, as quickly as possible. Rather than simply moving forward on only Phase 2, the MTA should finance and begin construction on both Phase 2 and Phase 3 simultaneously.

We must build a subway that meets the urgent need that was the impetus for the 2nd Avenue Subway more than 80 years ago. As New Yorkers, we all know the benefits that subway access can bring. We've already seen the far East Side spring to life in the last few years in anticipation of the opening of Phase 1. However, we also know that partially finished projects usually don't deliver any of the promised benefits — building half a bridge is just a waste of money.

Extending the existing Q line a mere 40 blocks does not fulfill the promise of the Second Avenue Subway. It's time to boldly move forward and begin financing, planning and building the next phases of this project. The East Side has waited long enough for transit equity. Sutton, M.

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Brigadier General Sutton is the highest ranking psychiatrist in the U. De Blasio has a noon press conference scheduled to make a personnel announcement, according to his public schedule released Sunday evening. When U. Bharara's comments could be taken as a critique of ethics enforcement and reform in Albany as a whole as all of the state's agencies and other entities that can police political corruption appear restrained or restricted from actually doing the job.

Thus, Bharara's federal office enters yet again to pick up the slack. It was not supposed to be this way. When Governor Cuomo empaneled the Moreland Commission and had Attorney General Eric Schneiderman deputize its members, promises were made of finally purging systemic corruption in Albany and reforming the broken systems that have helped make it so rampant. But, this was not to be, much to the disappointment of many, including, it seems, the hard-charging Bharara.

It is a sentiment that a number of good government advocates echo full-throatily. They say despite years of incremental progress on ethics reform and corruption fighting, Albany's power brokers still refuse to give up control of the bodies that are supposed to be policing them. Bharara himself has said he cannot do it all, noting that he thinks the situation will only really change when the public is frustrated enough. For now, though, it appears that Bharara's office is the only agent of change seriously taking on public corruption. With the focus on how much control Gov.

Cuomo and his top aides may have exerted on the Moreland Commission, good government experts say it is time for New York to take the restraints off of its ethics enforcement by giving independence and teeth to existing checks on corruption. We don't know. While the silence is unsettling it also adds to the conversation about oversight in Albany. Dadey said that "JCOPE must be unshackled and unleashed," while the Attorney General should be "given the power to investigate corruption that Schneiderman's office has asked for and that Governor Cuomo called for when he was Attorney General.

Why is it that a U. District Attorney is the leading scourge of corruption in New York's state government? New York's ethics bodies don't exactly have a history of headline-grabbing corruption busting. Bharara is responsible for indicting state Senator Malcolm Smith in his alleged scheme to bribe his way onto the Republican ticket for New York City mayor, as well as the indictments of Assembly Member Eric Stevenson, Council Member Larry Seabrook, and the successful prosecution of Sen. Carl Kruger for his involvement in a massive bribery ring. According to many state government experts, the fact is that Albany's checks and balances were simply built to fail because state electeds are so loathe to give away any real power to ethics enforcement agencies no matter what form they take.

When Moreland was alive and active, it seemed to be getting somewhere real in terms of identifying areas in need of reform and ongoing abuses of power. But, it was quashed as it was gaining momentum. Experts point to the failure of Cuomo's Moreland Commission on Public Corruption as a microcosm for what prevents every other ethics-related entity or elected officials themselves from actually effectively policing the integrity quagmire that is Albany. Independent Watchers A quick accounting of the state's major bodies tasked with enforcing ethics, controlling corruption, and generally policing elected officials reveals numerous agencies or offices that either lack the power to investigate and enforce state law or that are neutered by their political nature - hamstrung by commissioners and appointees given their jobs by the very people they are supposed to be monitoring.

Horner points out that JCOPE is the only state ethics watchdog he knows of that allows a legislative veto of investigations. It is also populated with appointees who owe their political lives and employment to the Governor and Legislature. Cuomo's first choice to head JCOPE was his inspector general Ellen Biben, who had previously worked for him in the attorney general's office. JCOPE has faced major scrutiny over its votes to investigate the handling of the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's decision to use state funds to settle a lawsuit against Lopez.

Transparency is key, but that is nothing the Legislature or Governor wants. Bartoletti said that commissions like JCOPE need independent leaders and members with the kinds of reputations that would shield them from influence and pressure. Bartoletti suggests that former Appeal Courts Judge Judith Kaye would be an ideal person to head a truly independent ethics watchdog.

Empowering the AG Cuomo promised during his campaign that he would issue the AG a blanket referral to investigate corruption in state government. The AG is limited in his ability to investigate the Legislature and the Executive because of the separation of powers in the state constitution and the fact that the AG is the state's legal defender.

But, a blanket referral would unleash the office to seek out corruption broadly - none has been issued, though. The comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, and AG Schneiderman have partnered to follow abuses of state funds and have secured cases against legislators, but even with combined powers they do not have the authority to undergo a systemic review. Advocates and some legislators continue to point out that the goal is not necessarily to continue to nab the occasional crook, but to reform the system to prevent dirty behavior as much as possible.

Other Agencies Both bodies of the state Legislature have ethics committees which according to numerous sources are controlled with an iron fist by legislative leadership and usually only utilized for political reasons - see the Assembly's handling of the Vito Lopez scandal. JCOPE is the latest iteration of a state ethics commission, but it is controlled by legislative and gubernatorial appointees who can easily quash investigations. At least two of the eight or more members of the panel who must vote for an investigation have to be legislative appointees.

To boot, JCOPE gets to carry out its votes and investigations in complete secrecy because it is not subject to freedom of information or open meetings laws. Since the start of its mission in , most of JCOPE's public activity has centered around voting to allow certain groups to hide the list of their contributors. The agency collects information on outside income from elected officials, but it is unclear how much of what is submitted JCOPE actually verifies.

The IG's office is tasked with ensuring state employees and those who do business with the state don't abuse their positions. The office turns out a stream of investigations into what insiders call "little fish" employees or small contractors who have abused state resources, but the IG has not made major cases against legislators or members of the Executive.

The comptroller's office oversees state spending and has partnered with the AG's office to further investigate abuses of state funds, but according to a number of sources the comptroller's office has faced major resistance from the Cuomo administration on the kind of spending it is supposed to oversee. The State Board of Elections is supposed to enforce election law, but it has all but refused to engage on the simplest of enforcement actions against candidates and donors that fragrantly break the law.

The Moreland Commission held a hearing dedicated to embarrassing the political appointees who run the agency for not allowing any real investigations to take place. The board is headed by a Republican and Democratic chair. The Albany County District Attorney's Office has jurisdiction over crimes committed in Albany and early in the tenure of current DA David Soares it looked like the office would combat political corruption. Soares successfully prosecuted Comptroller Andrew Hevesi for using state employees to chauffeur his wife and do other personal tasks for him.

In Soares and then-AG Cuomo announced a partnership to fight corruption in Albany whereby Cuomo would give Soares the resources he needed and Soares would basically lend the AG his jurisdiction. However, the partnership evaporated after the two offices issued competing reports on Eliot Spitzer's involvement in the Troopergate scandal. Sources who were in Soares' office at the time worried that Cuomo was looking to use their jurisdiction as a political tool.

Since then Soares has claimed his office simply doesn't have the resources to police Albany and prosecute crime in Albany County. Soares served as a member of Cuomo's Moreland Commission and according to reports and sources the panel was set to refer a number of cases to his office before the Cuomo administration put a kibosh on that plan. Soares' office declined to comment on this or the failed partnership with Cuomo. However in previous interviews with this reporter from Soares cited concerns about the "independence" of his office as a reason for his partnership with Cuomo not materializing.

The U. Attorney and Beyond Dadey and Horner say they expect that no matter how much better Albany gets at policing itself the U. Attorney will always be making cases against Albany electeds. Attorney is going to stop until his term is over or Albany is cleaned up," said Horner. Dadey said that any U. Attorney, be it Bharara or another, will have an advantage over state regulators as federal statutes are stronger and give Bharara the tools he needs to go after larger cases. But Bharara made it clear during an interview on Thursday that the public needs to get involved and hold its elected officials accountable on ethics and corruption because even he can't keep up with the current rate of corruption in Albany.

Keeping tabs on City contracts just got a little easier thanks to two new features unveiled by Comptroller Scott Stringer. Checkbook 2. As with previous Checkbook 2. It is tasked with driving economic development in the city. As of Monday morning, data prior to fiscal year is not expected to be uploaded to the site. Additionally, for those wanting to keep track of these newly available contracts the comptroller's office is also rolling out the "Create Alert" feature on Checkbook.

More importantly, it provides the threads that run through Hearts That Strain that make it feel like more than the sum of its parts. Rather than be an album to dip in and out of, it's an organic whole that from the moment you press play you have to see it out to the final note.

If you listen to a lot of those classic records throughout each track you can tell that it's recorded in the same place. It's nice to have that consistency. She attended Humber College in Toronto, majoring in jazz performance and arranging under the tutelage of Ron Collier, who himself had served as arranger for Duke Ellington in the 70s. She performed with her ensembles in the city's top venues, including George's Spaghetti House and the Montreal Bistro. In she secured first place in the 13th Annual Great American Jazz Competition, whose judges included Horace Silver and Renee Rosnes, and was noted in a subsequent article for her "deeply rooted jazz sensibility.

She has toured as well throughout the U. There she performs selections from the Great American Songbook, and a classical piano repertoire, including the compositions of J. Each year, New York Cares partners with hundreds of Community Partners, including homeless shelters, schools, and other deserving nonprofit organizations, to provide holiday gifts for children, teens, and seniors, many of whom would not otherwise receive gifts during the holidays.

To accomplish this, New York Cares collects and screens more than 35, gift requests and sends them to volunteers who purchase, wrap, and send the gifts to its partners. Fukushi Tainaka Quartet - Smalls Live December 07, - New York City Master drum player Fukushi Tainaka is one of the best-known Japanese jazz musician of his generation and one of the most in-demand drum players on the international jazz scene. Fukushi has toured Japan as often as three times a year since the early s with his own groups, as a member of the acclaimed pianist Shizuko Yokoyama's trio, and with Lou Donaldson and other jazz greats.

Since the mids, Fukushi has also toured Europe twice every year with Lou Donaldson, appearing at jazz clubs and festivals in European countries. He began playing the guitar at age 5, and moved to Jersey City, New Jersey at 8 where he began studying the piano. While attending high school, Whitfield was accepted by the Jersey City University Visual and Performing Arts Program and served as the principal pianist in its jazz ensemble for four years.

Whitfield received full scholarships to attend the Berklee Summer Jazz Workshop in and He also received a scholarship from the National Foundation for Advancement of the Arts in Bored with mind-numbing work and bed-hopping swinger's sessions, telephone information operator Mimi Rogers becomes a Born Again with mulleted ex-sex-partner David Duchovny — and begins a toxic relationship… with God! He's such a jerk!! A seriously demented and brazenly bonkers investigation of fathomless faith that goes for broke; adventurous and uncompromising beautiful and bewildering! Straight off the Oscar high-ride from his screenplay for The Player — Michael Tolkin's directorial debut does everything but play it safe.

His father was a drummer who had played with Lionel Hampton, and young Mike started out as a drummer, too. He soon switched to trumpet and baritone horn before becoming a valve trombonist when he was Within a couple years his family moved to the Orange County area near Los Angeles. In he started sitting in with pianist Frank Strazzeri and began freelancing.

We're bringing great comedy to Harlem so that you can get top shelf funny right here in our own neighborhood, because why should we have to go to midtown or the theater district to enjoy great stand-up? Harlem's got great bars, great restaurants, great music and great art. It's about time it had some great comedy too.

The Tip Bucket Comedy Jam is going to make that happen. Ian Alexy from Minnesota - Americana - Silvana December 07, - New York Ian Alexy is a guitarist singer and songwriter, whose musical styles include rock n roll, folk, blues, indie pop. No Such Thing as Love - Q. They hope really hope! What's new. We have quite the show this month, with a debutante ball. We decided the problem with finding a man is that we were never formally debuted!

As they were the only stand-up show happening, they take FULL credit! Phil and Why Leave Astoria! The "Jupiter"—Mozart's final symphony—has grandeur in its opening movement, tenderness in its Andante, grace and wit in the Menuetto, and propulsive joy in its finale. The antecedents of the large scale, athletic violin concertos of the Romantic era are found in Beethoven's masterpiece. His Violin Concerto is broader in scope, more opulently orchestrated, and features a solo part unlike anything that came before it.

Laugh and a Draft - The Pit Underground December 07, - New York City Laugh and a Draft is a comedy variety show hosted and produced by Jared Wilder featuring the best up and coming talent in New York blending stand up, improvisation, sketch comedy, and live performance all together like a live action version of The Muppet Show.

Despite the initial request coming from Benny Goodman, Bartok's Contrasts owes less to jazz and more to the pungent folk music of Eastern Europe—perhaps the influence of its co-commissioner, Hungarian violinist Joseph Szigeti. Szymanowski's virtuoso Mythes draw inspiration from Mediterranean cultures and French impressionist music, while Messiaen expresses his deep faith in a work of timeless beauty composed under trying circumstances while a prisoner of war.

Develop strength and movement flexibility. Move through space with longer, more complex combinations. Danny Elfman, who wrote the film's songs music and lyrics , composed its original score and was the original singing voice of Jack Skellington says, "Being able to perform "Nightmare" live in synch to the movie with a full orchestra was such a thrill at the sold out Hollywood Bowl shows. Having Catherine O'Hara and Ken Page to perform with me really made it a unique and magical experience. I'm happy to bring this special night to Brooklyn for the first time in December.

The concert will also include featured violin soloist, Sandy Cameron. Conductor John Mauceri, Founding Director of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, will be leading the full orchestra and choir performing the film's classic score and songs live to picture. Tim Burton-inspired costumes are encouraged.

In this highly informative session, you'll learn strategies and tips on the most effective ways to prepare and present yourself so you make a great first impression on potential employers. Get advice on what to research in advance, the kinds of questions to ask, what to wear, how to answer difficult questions … and much more! All interview types in-person, phone and video will be covered, so you'll walk away prepared with vital information to help ensure interview success!

Whether it's been 10 years, 10 months or 10 days since your last interview, this session will help improve your interviewing skills. Programs include rich histories and delicious tastings. Learn how to make your own vinegar and how to cook with this spectacular ingredient. Includes a guided tasting of different vinegars.

Michael will be signing his book after the talk. Holiday Cards for Heroes - Brentwood Public Library Through December 07, - Brentwood Express your gratitude to our troops overseas by sending them a card for the holidays. The library will send the cards to the American Red Cross, who will sort and deliver them to the troops. The minute one touches your palate, it enlivens the senses, minimizes stress and heightens awareness of the pleasures in the immediate vicinity. Join us as we sample several sparkling wines with an emphasis on champagnes, and explore some delectable cheeses chosen specifically to pair with these amazing bubbles.

This tasting ends at pm. Additional support is provided by the A.

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Luria Foundation. All Levels Adult Gymnastics Workout Single Session - 92Y December 07, - Upper East Side Get back into your gymnastics training routine or simply learn gymnastics basics in this skill-building adult gymnastics class. Warrior 2. Redefine your belief in yourself, learn to be present in the moment, quiet your mind and become aware of your inner strength. Human Rights Day: Former U. Ambassador to the U.

A powerful crusader for U. The Art of Loss isa collection of notable works from that expose the rebellion, hope and despair that root in otherness. The evening will include the World Premiere of a brand new politically-inspired work, A Perfect Union, which addresses the current sociopolitical climate in our world through the lenses of race, gender, sexuality, terrorism, activism, hierarchical structures and humanitarian effort. In her first-ever musical composition, Cohn has designed a mash-up score sourced from inaugural and political speeches by Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

Described as "groundbreaking, primal, surreal and supernatural," Brooklyn Buzz the company has been presented in premiere venues throughout the country including Danspace Project in St. Described as having "a brilliant mind She received a full feature profile in Dance Teacher Magazine in July Cohn was on permanent faculty at Peridance Capezio Center and for the Pushing Progress Contemporary Training Program where she taught composition, improvisation and contemporary techniques.

She formerly directed the modern department at Greenwich Ballet Academy. Cohn was one of twenty international artists invited to participate in The New Aesthetics Performance Intensive in a dance theatre collaboration conducted by Crystal Pite in Vancouver, B.

Cohn graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts in dance performance and composition. We provide turnkey shopkeeping and community to a network of entrepreneurs, makers, curators and localized brands while creating an immersive and discoverable shopping experience for customers. As a collective, we thrive on sharing space, energy, learnings and labor.


We believe that we're more efficient when we work and sell together. Marketplaces are the heartbeat of every city and we're dedicated to curating a selection of merchants who best represent the culture and craft unique to each of our neighborhoods. Crew on December 7th from 5 — 8 pm. Stop by for some holiday shopping along with a makeup and beauty tips with creative director and cofounder of Milk Makeup, Georgie Greville!

The Magic Flute - Metropolitan Opera December 07, - New York The Met's English-language family version of Mozart's enchanting masterpiece has become one of the city's essential holiday traditions. Evan Rogister conducts Julie Taymor's spellbinding production, with special holiday pricing and a minute running time. Nathan Gunn reprises his much-loved portrayal of the bird-catcher Papageno. On Thursday, December 7th, come to the Nuyorican to share your original poetry at this historic New York City and literary landmark.

All performers come for free. To RSVP, please click here. Show starts at pm. Note: All teens across New York City are welcome to take part in or watch this open mic spoken word event! Spread the word! To inaugurate our pop-up class experience, we welcome David Wolpe, the most influential rabbi in America according to Newsweek—and one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world according to the Jerusalem Post. You likely know his name from the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Today show, Face the Nation and countless other media outlets—or from any of his eight books.

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In addition to courses, presenters have the option to set up table-top displays, where participants can learn more about the presenting companies, their products and services. Classes run from early morning until late afternoon, and are selected on an hourly basis so you can tailor the schedule to meet your needs over the three day event. Continental Breakfast and coffee will be provided through each day.

The schedule allows for a 45 minute lunch break each day; meals are not provided. During lunch and other breaks, attendees are encouraged to visit the sponsor tables on the ground floor level. A full listing of the courses offered at the Procrastinators' Days will be offered by November Registration for the Procrastinators' Days will open November Blood Simple. Directed by Joel Coen. Screenplay by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen. The perfect ingredients for a film with a most diabolical plot.

Julian is a scuzzy Texas barkeep who hires a hitman to kill his wife Abby and her lover Ray—who also happens to be one of Julian's bartenders. It sounds like a straightforward equation, but in a Coen brothers movie nothing is ever simple. The first feature directed by Joel Coen and produced by Ethan Coen, Blood Simple is a dark comedy with horror film piquancy. This 35mm print reflects the original release version. Casablanca has played guitar for an array of performers including: Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Rufus Wainwright and others. With his solo work, he has supported: John Legend, Eric Roberson and more.

After half a decade of touring, Casablanca began working as a solo performer and is currently recording with producer, Bill Laswell most known for Herbie Hancock, Buckethead, etc. Growing up in a musical family, Casablanca's mother was both a gospel and classical pianist and vocalist. She was a music teacher and choir director in several churches throughout his youth.

His first instrument was violin, followed by piano, trumpet and the baritone. He has two older sisters and a younger brother, all of whom are well versed musically. He is former Gibson USA artist. The Big Combo. Directed by Joseph H. Among the young filmmakers who frequented Club 57, Steve Brown was also an active programmer with a particular interest in the work of macho auteurs like Sam Fuller and Nicholas Ray and noir directors such as Lewis.

A detective's obsession with bringing down a powerful gangster leads to his infatuation with the thug's moll and, predictably, a number of murders. The homosexual subtext that frequently colored the genre surfaces here in the relationship between a pair of gunsels named Fante and Mingo. Develop movement and tumbling skills — including aerials, handstands and jumps — to enhance your fitness and your work as a performer. Swim with Dory and new pal Hank from Finding Dory as they set out to find her parents. Cheer with the Emotions from Inside Out. Venture to wintery Arendelle where Olaf and Kristoff help reunite Anna and Elsa and learn love is the most powerful magic of all.

See the Disney Princesses achieve their dreams through bravery, kindness and perseverance. And celebrate true friendship with the Toy Story gang. Biscuit The Little Yellow Puppy - Tribeca Performing Arts Center December 07, - Tribeca Little Girl is thrilled when she receives Biscuit as a birthday present, but will this rambunctious puppy learn how to behave and accept being part of a family? ArtsPower's popular musical features a frolicking little puppy who loves exploring, making new friends, and even stirring up some mischief.

With over 17 million books in print, Biscuit is a modern classic! Based on the "Biscuit" series of books. Grades PreK to 2nd. With Anewal, Alhousseini continues his mission as an ambassador for cultural diversity in a changing world. Anewal uses hypnotic two-chord jams, trance inducing beats, biting blues-infused guitar with Alhousseini's warm vocals sung in his local vernacular. He's an incisive and remarkably subtle guitarist, varying his attack on the strings, adding minute levels of natural distortion, with his incisive, blues-infused phrasing. Anewal aims to create awareness of the cultural richness of its people and the many cultures of Niger.

About dj. For many years, dj. His hugely popular Radio Africa Online Mixes are also featured in the iTunes Store and elsewhere, generating 70 Terabytes of traffic annually. All sales are final. No refunds will be processed for unused tickets or for patrons who are denied entry due to not having valid identification for will call pickup or admittance to an age restricted event.

Events are subject to change in date, time, reserved seat location or scheduled act at anytime. In the case of an event cancellation, refunds will be provided via the method of payment originally used. Resale of any ticket at a price greater than the original ticket price is absolutely prohibited. We have the right to revoke or reclaim possession of any tickets from the buyer who violates such restrictions.

Regina Stein - Museum at Eldridge Street December 07, - New York Bring your questions and opinions as we explore a variety of Jewish texts and issues—often related to the weekly Torah portion or its accompanying reading from the Prophets, but sometimes a Biblical or Rabbinic text that raises questions of contemporary interest. Knowledge of Hebrew and previous Torah study are not required. Free Puppies - The Creek and The Cave December 07, - Long Island Ross Parsons Frozen sperm love child of country music legend Gram Parsons and Trey Galyon Bastard son of Trey Anastasio and some bead jewelry vendor spend all week visiting animal shelters around the city and finding the cutest puppies to bring to this open mic and give away as prizes for the best jokes of the night.

You get 2 minutes to shine and all it cost you is a hug……and maybe you leave with a new best friend. Join the hilarious hosts of Zeroes on Heroes, Mike Mercadal and Will Watkins, for a live podcast recording where anyone can be a guest. Simply drop your name in the bucket and you get 5 minutes to show off your hidden super talents! Come do stand up, tell a story, showcase a character, sing a song! It's all fair game! Come get your comedy reps in.

Lottery style! Get your name in before pm if you don't want to be in the late bucket!! In "Healing Works," the company's year anniversary performance, Ranardo presents "Through the Valley" and two other inspirational contemporary ballet works. Ranardo is a brain cancer survivor! What stops us from expressing ourselves as we deeply hope to? What would make us proud of our expression?

With rich evidence from their own lives, and from people in the arts and history, the speakers will describe what true expression is—and also the way of seeing the world and oneself that interferes with our having it. Three Centuries of Photography - 92nd Street Y December 07, - New York Join Ronnit Vasserman for a lecture exploring revolutionary artists from past and present, while discovering the role of photography within the modern world. Explore photography's evolution into becoming a fine art, while learning more about Edward Muybridge, Eugene Atget, F.

Animal Minds, Lives and Emotions - 92nd Street Y December 07, - New York Scientists, after decades of resistance, are at last beginning to accept that we can investigate the minds, personalities and emotions of animals without anthropomorphizing. How does this relate to our interactions with animals? The ways in which we approach farming, cooking and eating? King, three writers dedicated to the inner lives of the creatures with whom we share our planet. See below for more information and scheduling.

Interviews with Eater and Racked editors available upon request. Tuesday, December 5: 5pm-7pm: Custom oil blending and gift sets from Species by the Thousands. How to Ace an Interview - 92nd Street Y December 07, - New York Performing well during an interview can make the difference in receiving a job offer. Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles - 92nd Street Y December 07, - New York Sparkling wines are great all year round, but especially great around the holidays.

Please join us for our semi-annual romp through some of the best sparkling wines on the market and learn about the spectacular cheese that pair well with them. Books available for purchase and signing. Tales for Tails - The Field Library December 07, - Peekskill Reading with a therapy animal can help reluctant readers, new language learners, and anxious readers gain confidence and develop a love of reading.

Children in 1st grade and up are invited to read to a certified Good Dog. Sign-up is required. Led by music director Dorothy Savitch, this hilarious musical romp features live actors, video, and music by Bach, Mussorgsky, Brahms, and more. With fellow comedians and burlesque artists, playful Peter Smith crafts an hour of funny and flirty entertainment for a Broadway audience looking to eat, drink and be merry. Musical Director, Ben Moss. The artist recognized for her twistedly enthralling lyrics and distinctive soulful voice, has dug deep and returned to her roots.

In this masterful body of work, Cold Specks intimately explores her identity as a Somali-Canadian woman. She's unveiled and allowed herself to stretch her palette thematically. The rawness that's deemed Cold Specks a dark soul, has revealed itself to be a cathartic after glow, illuminating the sort of light born through healing.

Like waves thrashing in a chaotic sea in the middle of nowhere, Fool's Paradise encapsulates the naturalness of existing during difficult times.

We find Ladan rejoicing the survival of those she loves while mourning for the sorrow that continues to linger after it has beckoned its doom. Far gentler than her electrifying sophomore Neuroplasticity and her midnight debut I Predict A Graceful Expulsion, Cold Specks has honed her artistic agency and has invited you to bear witness.

During the creation of Fool's Paradise, Ladan became obsessed with pre-war Mogadishu, her family's home city and Somalia's capital while living in Toronto. The record opens with Ladan's emotive croon in "Fool's Paradise" a song dedicated to a semi-mythical Somali queen named Araweelo. For the first time, Cold Specks sings in Somali, chanting "Araweelo," a queen of female empowerment who was also known to castrate male prisoners.

Throughout centuries, the glorious queen would either be painted as a heroine or misandrist in folklore. Araweelo is a polarizing dream, like Cold Specks, always dangling between varying abstracts. With melodic grace, Cold Specks sings in "Fool's Paradise" a Somali idiom, "kala garo naftaada iyo laftaada" which translates in English to "understand the difference between your bones and your soul. Last year, Ladan's sister found a dear family friend laying in a pool of his own blood after he had been shot steps from his home in Toronto.

I see me doing what I learned from him. Numan's impact was crystallized in the U. While Numan's unique, pioneering style continues to connect with fans from the worlds of EDM, Industrial, Hip-Hop, Metal, and Indie-rock, he remains as focused as ever in pursuing his own singular vision.

Numan has never stopped trying to innovate and his latest album 'Splinter Songs From A Broken Mind '—released 15th October —is evidence of this desire to never standstill. Utilizing many new sounds and ideas whilst retaining the feel of a classic Numan record, the softly spoken Numan posses one of the most distinctive voices in music. His unique vocal style evokes a feeling of machinery and icy alienation whilst provoking strong emotions within the electronic noise of classic albums such as 'The Pleasure Principle' and 'Telekon' that connects with his loyal and ever-growing fan base of self-proclaimed Numanoids.

A growing body of research is finding that grit, self-control, and a growth mindset can have a strong influence on the academic achievement and emotional well-being of children and teens. With a stunning four octave range, she sings with "deep soulfulness reminiscent of Anita Baker with sophisticated scatting a la Ella" as jazz critics describe. With a never ending stream of musical ideas and a fluid delivery that shows years of dedication in studying her craft, little is left to doubt how TAEKO has built a dedicated fan base in both the U.

Growing up in Japan, she was inspired early on by the traditional Japanese music her father and grandfather sang, and has been singing as long as she can remember. In her formative musical years she counts traditional jazz, modern American music, and Eastern music among her influences in shaping her contemporary vocal style to this day.

Kurt Peloquin aka Thrive Poet is a spoken word artist and singer-songwriter dedicated to helping audiences of all ages answer the question: What does it mean to Thrive? His works are inspired by the likes of Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, and The Roots, and explore universal themes of justice, compassion, and creativity through deeply personal stories.

Gallery Shows in New York City This Week - November 12-November 19

As a teaching artist, Thrive Poet is currently leading a 36 week empowerment program in the Bronx for at-risk youth, and using poetry and mindfulness to catalyze the work of social justice organizations and activists as The Artist-In-Residence for The Good Wolf Group. Pinegrove - 2nd show added! More than any other single artist, Pinegrove was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late '90s. American indie-rock band from Columbus, Ohio. This program is made possible by the generous support of the Blavatnik Family Foundation. The route Timothy has traveled to get to this point has been just as diverse as his musical style.

Born in El Paso, Texas and raised primarily in Fayetteville, the artist is the third of five children born to pastor parents. Timothy was introduced to various cultures and lifestyles when his father's stint in the army stationed the family in such varied locales as Germany, Alaska and Oklahoma. Because secular music wasn't allowed in the house, a teenaged Timothy—the self-described "rebel" of the family—began taking his parents' keys and sneaking into the car to scan the radio dial.

He'd also discovered girls. That's what we escape to when we can't outwardly express ourselves. If you want to be happy, dance, cry or even be angry, it's all in the music. He proves that the soul of music is not lost in the noise that is the modern music scene. Each song is a unique experience but all fit together to tell a beautiful sonic story. He's much more than that. It's that fusion—peppered with soul, gospel and country—that courses throughout the album.

How will they decorate the storefront this time? More information to be announced. Stayed tuned. Learn a simple routine to benefit you and your baby. In November he embarked on his first stand-up tour — Ungefiltered — which played to sell-out audiences the length and breadth of the UK. He started with his first Israel tour and followed this with his second UK show — Meshuga Frum — which he performed at sold-out theatres across the country. In his spare time, Ashley Blaker is an award-winning comedy writer and producer for radio and TV.

The Coast Star from Manasquan, New Jersey on April 27, · 61

Ransom Pier - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 December 07, - New York Ransom Pier's music offers listeners a combination of potent lyricism and technical prowess that places them firmly among the highest echelon of young acts along the Eastern seaboard. Their brand of rock draws unabashedly on the roots of the American songbook - from Dylan to Motown - with an ear to the future, and has been compared to a darker, edgier Lake Street Dive.

Through game show segments and hilariously misguided guesses, a panel of comedians will try to get to the bottom of what a distinguished scientist studies all day. You won't want to miss being part of the audience for this live show and podcast taping. We play music that rules. The party will be a very special occasion to celebrate and share Christmas, in the company of the music that connects us the most with our traditions. The Lesson's mantra is simple: "Check your ego at the door, stay in the moment, feel the love coming through, and everything should take care of itself.

YES, that's right — every first Thursday of the month you get to see our handsome faces! From dynamic aerial performers to the best of boylesque, "Boys' Night" is bringing the sexy for all types. The boys AND the girls will love this sensual, hilarious, fun-filled night out. Size's influence as a producer, label owner, and committed underground magnate figured him as one of the emerging sound's true pioneers. The breakout success of his debut album New Forms finally confirmed his stature and vaulted him to a greater degree of popularity than any drum'n'bass producer.

Born to Jamaican immigrant parents, Roni grew up in the Bristolean suburb of St. Expelled from school Size started dabbling with house and reggae production in the late'80s. Although hardly popular in the days before ragga then jump-up ruled the decks, the crew now counts a number of classics among their credits, including Size's "It's a Jazz Thing," Krust's "Jazz Note," and Reprazent's Reasons for Sharing EP, the crew's first outing through major label subsidiary Talkin' Loud. The success of 's New Forms launched Size to the top of the electronica genre, and the Dope Dragon label also continues to rise in the ranks of dubplate hysteria, with tracks from Selector Owoy, Gang Related, and Mask consistently passing muster on most DJ's decks.

The trio released Ultra-Obscene in the fall of that year. U Soundsystem is an immigrant band from New York City. With most of its members hailing from Colombia, M. U embodies an active quest for identity through sound and bodies in motion, and puts on a party for everyday people. That his chosen instrument - the harmonica - is a relative rarity in the genre is one element in his singular sound, but far from the whole explanation.

After all,the xtensive list of heavy-hitters who have enlisted him for their own projects is unparalleled: Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Cassandra Wilson, and Marcus Miller are some of his most prominent employers,none of whom have the patience to employ novelty for novelty's sake Maret grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, the son of a Harlem-born, African-American mother and a Swiss father.

Intending to return to Switzerland and a career as a teacher, Maret soon found himself working regularly with NYC's finest jazz musicians, and his decision to stick around for a year after graduation was extended indefinitely. We will be covering the latest trends to hit the American market using the finest European oils and finishes. Seats are limited please sign up fast. Lunch will be served. Please contact Huggins Wood Floor Specialist at for more information.

Much more than documents.

Encourage your child's imagination and love of books. Listen to stories, create an art project and dance together as the books come alive. Bring your lunch optional. Refreshments included. His new play, a financial thriller called Junk, opens at Lincoln Center this fall. MADmakes provides an opportunity for visitors to better understand and appreciate the workmanship that goes into contemporary studio practice today.

Visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels are invited to create something new every month. Opposing moral philosophies have long fueled debate about America's policy goals and national identity. For conservatives, morality is grounded in ideals such as patriotism, including a respect for order and authority; fairness and liberty in the sense that an individual's actions yield just rewards, or consequences; and reverence for the sanctity of religious and moral tradition. Liberals place moral emphasis on caring: for the poor, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized; on fairness in the sense of redressing both historic wrongs and current inequalities of outcome; and on generosity extending beyond the bounds of nations or cultures.

In today's divisive political arena, which side best embodies the nation's most cherished virtues? Morally speaking, is the left right? A renowned and unique performer who brings her Apache roots to her music, Ortman's music shines with her mastery of the violin, Apache violin, piano, electric guitar, keyboards, and pedal steel guitar. For the second night of the Winterreise Nights Festival, Ortman will present her staggering talents in a rarely seen solo recital, presented by Winterreise Curator Tanya Tagaq. A sought-after musician at institutions around the world, Ortman has performed at America's leading museums and musical institutions, including the Whitney Museum of American Art and Museum of Modern Art.

Ortman is the founder of the Coast Orchestra, the country's most prominent all-Native American orchestral ensemble. National Scandal - The Pit Underground December 08, - New York City National Scandal is a tight sketch comedy ensemble with a focus on collaborative writing straight from the groin. The team dissects society and politics in order to find its beautifully flawed human core. Like your scientist friend who gets too drunk at a dinner party, National Scandal is smart yet unpredictable. They're the dirty freaks you wouldn't mind introducing to your parents.

The band was originally formed by Fabi and Gebert in They eventually signed with Columbia Records in Their second single, "All the Days", was voted "Song of the Summer" by Elle magazine and featured in the film Carrie. The group's first EP, Hemiplegia, was released in October It was produced by St. Lucia and contains both of their original single releases. The band's self titled debut album was released on October 27,