Birth records for hinton wva

Isabel 17, 43 Decker, Frank M. Grant 18 Firestone, Esther 40 Fisher, first name unk. Uriah 25, 65 Smith, Lecil M. Jackson County Genealogy Library. Source of Birth Announcement. He is ethnically White and speaks English. Most people who are are typically making USD 0. Last time we checked the credit score or got info on it, the score was between - which is a little below average. Dave is residing in Hinton, WV.

For housing it looks like he is a Home Owner and lives near Hinton. Brunswick County Virginia Poll List Bulletin of the Friends Historical Society of Philadelphia. Burke's Peerage Vol 1. Burner - Borner Family Bible. Burress Family Bible 1. Burress Family Bible Burress Family Bible 2.

Burress Family Bible 3. Burress Family Bible 4. Burress Family Bible 5. Burress Family Bible 6. Burress Family Bible 7. Burress Family Bible 8. Burress Family Bible 9. Burris Ancestors Volume 1. Burris Ancestors Volume 2. Bushong Family Bible. Byrd-Friend-Leggett Family Bible. Cahokia Records or The Founding of Illinois. Calendar of Wills No. Cameron Family History. Campbell County Virginia Marriage Bonds Captain Roger Jones of London and Virginia.

Casper Bernhardt-Chasper Berin-Hardt c and his descendants. Casper Branner of Virginia and his Descendants. Castle's Woods Frontier Virginia Settlement Catawba Indian Genealogy. Cateys in America - A Typical Pioneer family. Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Va land grants and patents Cedar Creek Hundred. Cemetary Records of Page County Virginia v Cemetery Records from Loudoun County Virginia. Chappelear Family of Virginia and Connecting Lines. Cherokee slide - most complete draft as of Christopher Gist's Journal. Christopher Gists Journal. Chronicle of the Yerkes Family.

Ethnic Books Chronicles of the Scotch Irish - Chalkley's. Chronicles of the Scoth Irish Settlement. Chronology of Colonial Swedes on the Delaware Church and Allied Families. Church Record of Congregation in Rockingham County Clayton Family Genealogy. Clovercroft Chronicles Coffey Family Bible. Coles - Lightfoot - Bruce Family Bible. Collections for a History of the Ancient Family of Bland. Colonel William Fleming of Botetourt Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania with genealogical and personal memoirs Volume 2. Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania with genealogical and personal memoirs Volume 3.

Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania with genealogical and personal memoirs. Colonial Families of Philadelphia - Vol 1. Colonial Families of Philadelphia - Vol 2. Colonial Families of the United States. Colonial Land Patents - Calfpasture Map. Community Development of Botetourt County - Part 5. Conquering America. Coonrad Family Genealogy with Surname Index.

Copenhaver Family of Wythe County Virginia. Coppedge - Freeman and Next of Kin. Cordell Records A Virginia Family. Cordell Records - A Virginia Family. Cottrell Family Bible.

Coyner - Koiner Family Bible 1. Coyner - Koiner Family Bible 2. Crabill Family Bible 1. Crabill Family Bible 2. Crabill Family Bible 3. Crabill Family Bible 4. Crabill Family Bible 5. Crabill Family Bible 6. Crabill Family Bible 7. Crabill Family Bible 8. Crabill Family Bible 9.

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Craun Family in America and its connection with other Families. Crossen Family Bible - Front Matter. Crossen Family Bible 1. Crossen Family Bible Crossen Family Bible 2. Crossen Family Bible 3. Crossen Family Bible 4. Crossen Family Bible 5. Crossen Family Bible 6. Crossen Family Bible 7. Crossen Family Bible 8. Crossen Family Bible 9.

Monroe County Vital Records

Crouch Family Bible 1. Crouch Family Bible 2. Custer Genealogies. Daggs Family Bible - Front Matter. Dalton Family Bible - Front Matter 1. Dalton Family Bible - Front Matter 2. Dalton Family Bible - Front Matter 3. Dalton Family Bible - Front Matter 4. Dalton Family Bible - Front Matter 5. Dalton Family Bible - Front Matter 6. Dalton Family Bible. Daniel Boone and the Hunters of Kentucky. Daniel Descendants of Middlesex Virginia.

Daniel Rodney's Diary and other Delaware Records. Deane Family Bible 1. Deane Family Bible 2. Deane Family Bible 3.

Hinton West Virginia

Death Records Monongalia County Debrett's Peerage Baronetage Knightage and Companionage. Declaration of Naturalization Ohio County. West Virginia. Deitrick Family Bible - Front Matter. Deitrick Family Bible 1. Deitrick Family Bible 2. Derry Freemen Will - Botetourt County - Descendants of Abraham Beery b. Descendants of Adam Sirk. Descendants of Christian and Elizabeth Oliver Bosbyshell. Descendants of Daniel Jarrell Descendants of Daniel Kingery.

Descendants of Edward Greenlee of West Virginia. Descendants of Francis Sturgill Sr. Descendants of Frederick Parrett and Barbara Edwards. NY and some West Virginia lines. Descendants of Hancock Cofer Jones and Massie. Descendants of Hans Bartholomeaus Spitzer Descendants of Henry Eagle of Connewago Pa Descendants of Henry Mauzy. Descendants of Henry Walker b. Descendants of Irish John Alford. Virginia Vol. Descendants of James Stewart Esq. Descendants of Jan Willem Eisma-Axmear.

Descendants of Johan Jacon Barb b. Family books Descendants of Johann Wentz of Germany and Virginia. Descendants of John and Susanna Bibbee Descendants of John Frame. Descendants of John Harr and Elizabeth Merrifield. Descendants of John Hottel from Switzerland to the present. VA pgs Descendants of John Orrell Sr. Descendants of John Stubbs - Gloucester Co in Descendants of John Swartz Sr.

Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland with records of a few allied families. Descendants of Jonas Hon and Joseph Hon. Descendants of Joseph and Nancy Matheny. Descendants of Mark Bigler who immigrated to America in Descendants of Martin Wetzel.

Descendants of Matthias Brandenburg and Hester Wohlgemuth. Descendants of Michael Arbogast Descendants of Nicholas Beery b. Descendants of Pocahantas and John Rolfe. Descendants of Richard Botkin b. Descendants of Richard King Descendants of Richard Merrifield and Phoebe Tucker. Descendants of Samuel Ramsey and West Virginia. Descendants of Soloman Knox b. Descendants of the James Oldham Family. Descendants of the Virginia Calverts.

Descendants of Thomas Bragg. Descendants of Thomas Lamkin. Descendants of Thomas Wheeler Sr. Descendants of Walter Harrold-Harle-Harl. Descendants of William Fletcher Locke Harvey.

Summers County, WV Circuit Courts Records Search

Descendants of William Floyd Belcher Sr. Descendants of William H. Bell of LaRue County Kentucky. Descendants of William Hughes of West Virginia. Descendants of William Hughes. Descendants of William Prichard. Descendants of Zepeniah Nichols. Diary of a Voyage from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in Dinwiddie Family Bible - Front Matter.

Dinwiddie Family Bible. Doak Family History and Genealogy. Dobbins Family. Documentary of Dunmore's War - Documents chiefly unpublished relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia. Dodd Marriages of West Virginia. Domestic History of the American Revolution. Domestic Life in Virginia in the 17th Century. Doughty Family - Virginia to Ohio and Beyond. Dovel Family Bible 1. Dovel Family Bible 2. Dovel Family Bible 3. Dovel Family Bible 4. Dovel Family Bible 5. Drummond Family Bible Dunglison's Medical Dictionary. Dunmores War Dunmores War 2. Dunmores War 3.

Dunmores War 4. Dunmores War 5. Dunmores War 6. Dunmores War 7. Dunmores War 8. Dunmores War 9. DuVals of Kentucky from Virginia Descendants and allied families. Eads Genealogy. Earliest Pullen Settlers in the South and their Descendants. Early Augusta Marriages. Early Cabell County Births. Early Greenbrier marriages original. Early History of Huntsville Alabama. Early History traced through the Weaverland Cemetery. Early Kentucky Map. Early Kunkel Families in America. Early Marriages of Somerset Maryland. Early marriages of the Weaver Family. Early Settlers of Greenbrier County.

Early Virginia Guthries and their Kentucky Descendants. Early Virginia Marriages Vol 4. Early Welsh Settlers in Pennsylvania. Early Westward Movement of Virginia Eastern Cherokee Applications of the U. Court of Claims [microform] Volume 1. Eby Genealogy. Echos of the Past - Tucker County Census.

Elias B. Elias J. Cradle To Grave Profile. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography - Volume 1. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography - Volume 2. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography - Volume 3. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography - Volume 4. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography - Volume 5. Epperson Family Bible - Front Matter. Epperson Family Bible 1. Epperson Family Bible 2. Epperson Family Bible 3.

Epperson Family Bible 4. Epperson Family Bible 5. Epperson Family Bible 6. Ethnic History of Pennsylvania - A selected Bibliography. Ewell Family Bible 1. Ewell Family Bible 2. Ewell Family Bible 3. Ewell Family Bible 4. Ewell Family Bible 5. Exchange Community in West Virginia. Explanation of Marriage Bonds - Licenses. Explorations Descriptions and Attempted Settlements of Carolina Extant German Church Records.

Families associated with the Humston Family book. Family History of Hanna Patton and Good. Family History of Peter Jones Sr. Family of Adam Barger and Lucinda Nolan. Fant Genealogy - Comprising individual entries. Fathers of Fehnel Fennel Fennell Families. Ficklin Family History.

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  6. Fincastle County Road Orders First settlements of Germans in Maryland. First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred Book 2. Fisher - Parramore Family Bible 1. Fisher - Parramore Family Bible 2. Fisher - Parramore Family Bible 3. Fisher - Parramore Family Bible 4.

    Summers County Circuit Court Contact Details

    Fisher - Parramore Family Bible 5. Fletcher-Crowder and Tucker Families. Flory Family Bible. Fluvanna County Virginia Marriage Bonds to Fords and bridges across the Conestoga from Morgantown to Hinkletown. Fort Pitt and letters from the First American Frontier. Foster - Grigsby Family Bible 1. Foster - Grigsby Family Bible 2. Foster - Grigsby Family Bible 3. Foster - Grigsby Family Bible 4. Foster - Grigsby Family Bible 5. Foster - Grigsby Family Bible 6.

    Foster Family Bible - Front Matter. Foster Family Bible 1. Foster Family Bible 2. Foster Family Bible 3. Foster Family Bible 4. Foster Family Bible 5. Foster Genealogy. Frame and Rowell families 1. Frame and Rowell families. Frederick County Road Orders Fredricksburg Virginia Marriage Bonds to Freeman Genealogy - in three parts. Freeman Genealogy. Frontier Forts of Southwestern Virginia. Gabriel Ludlow and His Descendants. Garth Family Bible.

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    Gayle Kinsmen. Gene and History of Culpepper.

    Summers County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

    Gene data on the Cottrell Weese and Westfall Families to Genealogical History of the Descendants of Machir of Scotland. Genealogical Record of the Duffield Family - written Genealogical Record of the Family of John Stephens. Genealogical Records of Jeremiah Frame. Genealogical Records of the Baxter Family Genealogies of some of the Old Families of Virginia and Kentucky. Genealogy and History of Culpepper. Genealogy and History of the descendants of Samuel Miller. Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his Descendants. Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Sterns and his Family.

    Genealogy Notes on the Walmsley Family. Genealogy of a Russell family - Comprising some of the ancestors and all the descendants of John and Genealogy of Adam Heinecke and Henry Vandersaal from Genealogy of Immigrant James Richard Foster - Genealogy of Jacob Miller and his Descendants. Genealogy of the Bailey Family of West Virginia.

    West Virginia County Clerks

    Genealogy of the Bailey Family. England to Chester County Genealogy of the Baily Family from Bromham Genealogy of the Balch Families in America. Genealogy of the Beckham Family of Virginia. Genealogy of the Bell Family of Hagerstown Maryland. Genealogy of the Bowman Family. Genealogy of the Clinton H. Davis Family. Genealogy of the Crane Family Vol.

    Genealogy of the Field Family Volume 2. Genealogy of the Field Family. Genealogy of the Greenlee Family. Genealogy of the Griggs Family. Genealogy of the Hord Family. Genealogy of the Hunt Family with Pedigrees of people. Genealogy of the Lewis family in America. Genealogy of the McKinstry Family.

    Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia. Genealogy of the Ruddle Family of Chester Co. Pa and Augusta County Va. Genealogy of the Rush family of Virginia and the Terrell Genealogy. Genealogy of the Southern Lilly Family. Genealogy of the Strickler Families.

    Genealogy of the Strickler Family and many others in Shenandoah Valley. Genealogy of the Sturm Family. Genealogy of the Taber Family. Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family. Swartley of Franconia Montgomery Genesis of the White Family.