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Other court records in Utah allow the public to see if someone has a traffic citation , a civil issue, a criminal background , or even a felony or misdemeanor charge brought against them.

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The best news is that these Utah court records are free of charge, and you can look them up from the comfort of your own home on your own computer. Utah county courthouse websites allow you to look up the court records of anyone who has ever had dealings with the court in that county. If someone has criminal case history in their life in another county, you might not learn this information searching on the local level. The state level is more effective and a more efficient search.

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You can visit the Utah Court website to find this information. You do have many options, and taking your time can help you find the ones that work for you. You can look up non-public records, appellate dockets, court records, district court records, and transcripts from trials. The only time you might ruin into an issue searching for court records is if they pertain to a minor. Many of these cases are not provided to the public due to privacy matters for the child, which means the information provided to you is either incomplete or not accessible.

When you need to find court records in Utah, go straight to the state for the most up-to-date, most comprehensive, most informative information available. Your email address will not be published.

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All this happens in less than nine minutes. Some of the court appearances are routine, and new dates are set. Others, Flint makes an argument on their behalf.

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One hour and seven clients later, another woman comes to the podium dressed in a jail jumpsuit, her hands cuffed in front of her, a waist chain draping over her pregnant belly. Sometimes he can have twice as many cases. Flint finishes his last case just after noon, a woman who has missed a few court dates on a charge of giving false information to a police officer. This one clearly means more to him than some of the others.

He tries harder, saying she reminds him of his daughter. He tells Westfall that his client has been in a series of abusive relationships but just received help from a domestic violence center to get an apartment. Later, in the elevator, Flint offers her encouragement to continue to get help, and she smiles, nodding in agreement. It is cases like that one that keep Flint going, even as his number of cases creeps higher and higher.

He can relate and empathize with those clients struggling with substance abuse issues.

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He enjoys taking on big, challenging cases where the stakes are higher. He has active cases, a mix of serious felony charges — such as a recent one involving a teen who brought a bomb to a high school — and misdemeanors involving drugs or DUIs. Mixed in are clients whose cases are resolved but they are accused of violating probation. Beyond the pay increase, the county will hire one more public defender.

Those offices also have support staff, social workers and more financial resources for attorneys to use to build a defense. Washington County Commissioner Dean Cox hopes the additional funding will help ease the pressure on public defenders. Cox points out that Utah is unique in that it delegates its responsibility to pay for public defenders to counties and cities. Only in did state officials start funding grants to help local governments meet that constitutional obligation.


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Washington County has come under fire in recent years for its public defender system, and was sued in over it. The County Commission took issue with the complaint, and pointedly asked Flint in a letter if he was able to do the job as outlined.

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And on this recent Wednesday, Flint feels that pressure of juggling both his public defender cases and clients who are paying him. The temperature has reached degrees as Flint leaves the St. A Marriage License, by law, older than 30 days from date of purchase has expired and can no longer be used. If your license is older than 30 days from the date of purchase, you must get a new license or your marriage will not be recognized as legally binding.

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Refunds and extensions cannot be granted. A license issued in Utah County may be used in anywhere within the State of Utah A government issued picture ID that shows a date of birth is required for all applicants. If a divorce has been granted within the last 60 days, you need to provide a certified copy of the divorce decree. For information on a divorce filed in the State of Utah, contact the District Court that divorce was filed in. Directory of Utah District Courts. Frequently Asked Questions.