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Repo cars are usually sold through public auctions that are posted in the newspaper. Other repo cars can by found by calling lenders, financial institutions or auto loan companies and inquiring if they have any repo cars for sale to the public.

If you plan to purchase a repo car this way, it's best to buy locally or in a town near you. Buying a cheap repo car will allow you to actually, see, feel, and possibly test-drive the vehicle before you buy.

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You can also browse the Internet for repo car auctions. Many companies hold online auctions or a combination of online and in-person auctions.

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We made the decision to avoid being just another repossession website with hundreds of over-priced vehicles. We know that when potential buyers are considering a repossession the decision is price driven.

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  7. You may be wondering… why a lender would use another company when they could just sell the vehicles themselves. Well some of them actually do sell some of their own vehicles. It is important to remember that lenders are not salespeople. They make their income from lending money not selling Vehicles.

    Many lenders run their vehicles through auto auctions as a first step.

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    Have you ever wondered what happens to the vehicles that do not sell at the auto auction? Lenders have several choices; have them shipped to another sale, let them sit there for the next sale or use an experienced team to market them online.

    We are open twenty four hours a day. The process is simple and straight forward. For the buyer this is sometimes easier than buying from a dealership.

    Repo Vehicles

    Thousands of cars are taken back by banks and other lenders each year. This allows consumers to find and buy any car model for less than what they expect to pay when buying it from a dealership. The trick is to find repossessed auto auctions that are reputable and provide the lowest prices.

    Nationwide Listings, Nationwide Shipping.

    And the best thing about it is that consumers can do it all from the comfort of their homes, thanks to an online auto broker. An online auction website allows you to browse through their inventory with the use of the browser. Then you can bid for the vehicle through the online broker. It is that easy.

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    There are several factors you need to consider when looking for the best online car auctions. First of all, you need to be sure that the website is reputable and trustworthy. While finding the right auction website might seem to be a tedious task, it is much faster than it sounds. You can easily compare the pros and cons of various auction websites. That way you can pick the right one that can help you find the right car at low prices.