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Steve Bagu. Location: So. I lived in Covina then. Calif DMV required that the vehicle registration was to be visible from the outside and to be on the visor As a result the DMV and Police just required that the registration be available on demand thus the glove box was used. Last edited by Steve Bagu; at PM.. Reason: Add info. Originally Posted by Thinking-man.

Can it be done? I've often wondered why the DMV record system hasn't been hacked. I agree, giving out the address or information from a Licence plate is dangerous and makes every driver vulnerable to crazed people esp. What you said is correct but there are still dozens of websites that can provide such info in a matter of minutes. They often are paying kickbacks to some low level person who works for a company that has legitimate access.

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Or they use pretext calling. They will call the DMV with some convoluted story about how their spouse is at the bank trying to pay off a loan or something, but they aren't sure what address they used on the car titled etc. If the operator turns them down they just call again in 30 seconds and get a different person who might give them the info. Originally Posted by blisterpeanuts. Other than that, ordinary citizens can't access the database and you must go through local law enforcement if there is a need to identify particular plates. Most of the time, people don't need to directly identify someone's plates.

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If you were harassed on the road for example, or perhaps some jerk was parking in your driveway, or someone seems to be stalking you and you have a picture of the plates, you should show it to the police and let them handle it. Originally Posted by ovi8. But if you go to progressive's website for a quote, you could plug in anyone's address and find out exactly what cars they own ed. Try it on yourself - it's somewhat accurate.

Thought that was interesting. Originally Posted by HappyRider.

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Why would getting a quote reveal what cars you own? You tell them about your cars not the other way around. Originally Posted by IonRedline Try it and see.. He is correct. I did that with a couple of insurance sites, actually. You put in your address and it will ask you if you own any of these cars?

Originally Posted by JrzDefector. I'm trying to find a sane and legal reason why someone would want this question answered Just not finding it.

What Can I Get from a Free License Plate Lookup?

You may be able to get more accurate, complete information by working with private investigators and other special teams. Individuals in these categories use a combination of resources and databases to put together a comprehensive report, making them a much more reliable way to run a license plate lookup.

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  • Your email address will not be published. These are common scenarios: Hit and run accidents and suspected fraud. If you suspect the owner or driver of a vehicle has been involved in a crime, you may want to track them down. For example, if you were the victim of a hit and run accident , and you wrote down the license plate number of the car that hit you, you may want to track down the owner and take legal action.

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    Used car research. Personal motivations.

    How to Identify a Person by Their License Plate Number

    In some cases, people want to look up license plates for more personal, sometimes nefarious reasons. For example, you might have flirted with someone at a red light and be interested in tracking them down, or you might be annoyed with someone who keeps taking your parking space. Privacy Laws and Personal Lookups According to the DMV , it is illegal for an ordinary citizen to run a license plate check on another individual.

    Typical Online License Plate Lookups The typical online provider of license plate searches are gimmicks meant to take advantage of people who are eager to learn the identity of a vehicle owner for personal reasons.

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    Private Investigators and Special Teams You may be able to get more accurate, complete information by working with private investigators and other special teams. What Information Can You Find? So what information can you get from a private investigator or similar service? Vehicle description.