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The ZIP code for this address is and the postal code suffix is Ads by BeenVerified More about this property.

Possible Owners. County Assessor Records. Any transactions that have been made digitaly accessible by the county this property is located in. Neighborhood Safety. ZIP Just Value Res. Land Value. Assessed Value School Dist. Assessed Value Non-School Dist. Taxable Value School Dist. Taxable Value Non-School Dist. Special Feature Value. ZIP average bild age 42 years Quincy average build age 41 years State of Florida average build age 33 Just Value.

Just Value Homestead. Value Homestead.

Just Value Non-Homestead Res. Improvement Quality. Registered Parcel Owners Wood Louis Estate listed this address as the owner's address on the property records for the parcel N-4W located at Atlanta St Quincy Neighbors' Age Distribution The graph shows the distribution of age groups in the neighborhood based on data for the households located nearby.

Quincy in a Nutshell Please see our full analysis of Quincy here. Search my Location View information about the place where you are now. Market data for home values in these neighborhoods over this period can be hard to come by. These records exist. Just a glance at what Blair and Gray accomplished reveals the scale at which they worked for years. Kahrl passed along a list culled from a report he discovered at the Chicago Historical Society of homeowners for whom Blair and Gray acquired tax liens, along with the value of the home and the total figure for the delinquent tax bill.

The values diverge by several orders of magnitude:. Kahrl estimates that Blair and Gray acquired thousands of liens and hundreds of homes in Chicago.

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They worked in other cities in harsh-law states as well. Not every tax-lien sale resulted in a transfer of deed, but they always resulted in a transfer of wealth. Many homeowners managed to pay off their liens at high interest rates—often 18 percent, the legal ceiling—along with a host of fees. Making real money depended on finding the poorest and most vulnerable owners in the poorest but most over-assessed neighborhoods. This practice was perfectly legal.

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Until only very recently in Cook County, collusion at the tax-lien auction was the rule of the day. Tax buyers bid on liens by interest rates. A competitive bidding process would yield a lien sale with a low interest rate for the homeowner. An uncompetitive corrupt auction yielded lien sales at the maximum interest rate: 18 percent. The remarkably resilient predatory-tax-lien business continues to thrive, despite efforts at reform. The industry is enormous.

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Late in , the Abell Foundation published a report on the state of the practice in Baltimore City. In , the city sold tax liens for more than 2, owner-occupied homes. Almost one-tenth of these liens were attached to water bills.

here In , of some 6, tax liens sold, 2, were for owner-occupied homes. According to the report, there were 2, pending tax-lien foreclosure cases in Baltimore City in According to a survey of 82 homeowners in Baltimore facing a tax sale, most were black, most lived below the poverty level, half were elderly, a third were disabled, and one tenth were veterans. Earlier this year, the Thriving Communities Institute released a report on tax-lien sales in Cuyahoga County.

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The story in Cleveland is the same as in Baltimore. A disproportionately high share of tax-delinquent properties are found in majority-minority neighborhoods. Across the Cleveland area, the pattern is plain. The greater the share of minorities in a neighborhood, the more likely it is that tax-lien sales result in foreclosure. Woods Cove are no angels.

According to these reports, Woods Cove is guilty of the same predatory practices employed by the other big national player, Aeon Financial, which served as the corporate buyer and servicer on tax liens in Cuyahoga County prior to Aeon Financial came up for special condemnation in The Washington Post report for its practices in D. And if it ever did, the company would just move on. Aeon, Woods Cove, Heartwood , and other shadowy institutional tax buyers—Heartwood lists its address as a UPS mail drop in Chicago —operate everywhere at once. Woods Cove made its latest mass purchase in Cecil County, Maryland, earlier this month:.

Western Asset Management Co. Purchasers receive the interest accrued on the bill if the original owner fulfills their debt. Otherwise, the purchaser can begin the foreclosure process to ultimately own the property outright. Large corporate tax buyers are extremely skilled at navigating tax codes that are by their nature set at the state and local level. It's so localized. That works to the advantage of tax buyers who have mastered the intricacies of the process.

Absent a regulatory regime, legislative reform is perhaps the only method to curb predatory tax sales.