How to ammend a birth certificate

Identification Requirements.


To add or change the father on a birth certificate, see the Paternity and Parentage page. Every application must be reviewed by a specialist to determine its acceptability. Applicants with unacceptable applications will be contacted with additional instructions, which will increase the processing time.

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  • Amendments and Corrections.

Send the completed application to Texas Vital Statistics, via one of the two methods in the table below. Include the required documentation listed on the back the form and the correct fee amount.

Is there missing information? You can amend or correct vital records by making an appointment with the Registry of Vital Records.

Correcting a Vital Record - NHSOS

Most amendment requests that are received by mail or from a court, such as adoption or adjudication of parentage, will be reviewed and processed within months. What you need. How to amend.

More info. What you need for Amend or correct a birth, death, or marriage record To correct a mistake on a birth, death or marriage record you will need to show evidence that the information was incorrect at or near the time of the event.

Call: More info for Amend or correct a birth, death, or marriage record Some exceptions: Add or change a parent on a birth certificate You can add or change parent information by: Submitting a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage form to add a biological father A Voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage form is available at the Registry or at the city or town where the birth occurred.

This form establishes a biological father.

If the mother was married at the time of birth to someone other than the biological father, then an Affidavit of Non-Paternity must also be completed by the mother and her spouse. Court adjudication of parentage to add a parent or to replace or remove a listed parent An adoption: If a child is born in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Probate and Family courts send evidence of adoption or adjudication of parentage directly to the Registry.

Division Of Public Health Systems

These changes will process in the order received. A separate application for amendment is not necessary. However, a certified copy of the amended record is not sent automatically. You must request a certified copy of the record after the amendment is complete. Contact the Vital Records office in the town where the vital event occurred for further information to determine what type of documentation will be needed to support the requested amendment or correction.

Correcting Erroneous Information on the Birth Certificate

Town Directory. There is no processing fee for amendments or corrections. For marriages, both parties to the marriage if the marriage is still intact and both spouses are still alive. If one of the spouses is deceased, the surviving spouse may request a correction or amendment individually.