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The information provided here was known to be true at when the vehicle was manufactured. The vehicle's current condition may be different than described. A feature listed may no longer be available on the vehicle or features may not be working. There may be additional features working or not that were added after manufacturing.

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We do not warrant that this information is accurate. To determine the current features and condition of the vehicle we suggest you order a ClearVin Full History Report and inspect the vehicle, or have an inspection performed for you. You are bidding on a lot with a Future Sale date.

You are about to place a bid on a lot with a Future Sale date. It can take up to 60 days for the auction sale date to be assigned. If you continue with your bid, your deposit for this bid cannot be released until this auctions ends. AutoBidMaster makes bidding on and buying vehicles easy, no dealer license required. Search now. Model: F Engine: 7. Lot Details.

Exceeds Mechanical Limits. More VIN details.

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Bid Information Lot Sold. Browse our current inventory of Ford F Similar Vehicles. Mileage: 76, Exempt.

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Estimated Retail Value Estimated Retail Value means the estimated retail value of the lot as submitted to Copart by the seller. This is displayed as "Est. About Ford F Ford F was a medium-duty truck manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company from to The first Ford F was the successor of the F-4 and introduced in However, it was redesigned separately with the introduction of the Ford Super Duty series. As a medium-duty truck, it had been produced through nine generations. The eighth generation Ford F was put into production in It was equipped with the rear antilock brakes and became the first truck to have this equipment.

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Ford F had multiple engines varying from 4. In ninth generation , F had six trim levels.

Ford Towing Capacity Table

Engine options were still versatile and added 7. New transmissions were 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

How To Find Your Ford Truck’s Towing Capacity by VIN Number

Although from , Ford F becomes a super duty truck, however, there are still many people driving it. According to their complaints, we have got some common problems happened to it for you: First, braking system issue. I believe no driver would ignore the importance of braking system. While in Ford F, drivers found after it reached a certain mileage, braking started to go wrong.

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They ether felt a bit squishy when pressing brake pedals or heard a squealing sound when braked, then have the F checked and found out the brake dust shields and brake backing plates were worn out.