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Therefore, they cannot represent your interests, at least in a transaction involving the advertised apartment. As a result, traditionally it has been difficult for buyers to find an agent who will serve the buyers needs and this is why we have created our service - to help buyers connect with an agent who will work on their behalf.


In most cases, both agents i. As a result, there is no additional cost to you as the buyer in using a real estate agent. Therefore, considering all of the additional benefits you will realize by working with an agent see above there is no reason not to use one. As with any transaction or business service, in real estate one only wants to work with serious participants. Sellers and their brokers do not want to show their apartment to people who are not prepared to buy.

If you are not currently prepared to buy, that is fine - simply let us and your broker know so that we can better serve you. Broker loyalty i. Most brokers work incredibly hard to find you that perfect apartment. They are motivated to do this in the hopes that if they are successful, a transaction will be consummated at which time they will be compensated for their efforts.

If you give a broker reasons to suspect that a transaction is not going to occur i. As a result, you will be putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage versus other apartment buyers as your broker will not be as motivated as those brokers whose buyers are committed to both them and to buying an apartment.

The best thing you can do is to work exclusively with a single broker and make sure they understand that you are committed to working with them. Of course, the goal here is for you to find the perfect apartment, so if you are not comfortable with the broker you are working with or otherwise question his or her ability to find what you are looking for, you should let us know so that we can discuss this with the broker and, if necessary, find a more appropriate broker for you.

Before you visit any apartments, unless you intend to pay all cash, it is important that you are pre-qualified with a mortgage lender that regularly lends in New York City. There are several reasons why it is important that you are pre-qualified:. You will have a better understanding of the actual price range that you will be able to afford, thereby allowing you to focus your search. Often, buyers can actually afford more than they initially believe and therefore they waste time looking at apartments that do not actually meet their criteria.

Due to the competitive nature of the market, when you make an offer and if it is backed up with a pre-qualification from a recognized mortgage lender, the offer will then be much stronger than others from buyers who are not pre-qualified. In other words, by being pre-qualified you are giving yourself a competitive advantage over other buyers. Of course, this also means that if you are not pre-qualified, you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage vis a vis other buyers.

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Once your offer is accepted, having been pre-qualified will speed up the closing process. If you had not been pre-qualified, it is possible that various surprises might pop-up and threaten the deal. Do not get hung up on apartments that you see on this website or any other website or newspaper. The odds of you buying the specific apartment you inquired about on-line are very close to zero.

Treat the apartment information on this site as a starting point and use the extensive building information to become more familiar with the market. Unfortunately, apartments are not updated as frequently as they should be. We have little control over this but it is a fact of the market. We hope that in time this situation will improve, though today the best way to obtain accurate apartment information is to consult with your real estate agent.

DO work with a single, dedicated broker whom you trust and are comfortable with. DO submit a realistic bid.

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Though every apartment is negotiable and every transaction should be negotiated, there is a certain point at which a very low bid can be embarrassing to both you and the broker. DON'T obsess over getting a "great deal. As we all know, New York can be a stressful environment, and being able to escape it all by coming home to an apartment you love is really priceless.

DON'T keep your present financial situation or any impediments to purchasing a secret from your broker i. DO be prepared to act quickly. The NYC market moves fast and can be competitive. You need to be prepared to purchase. DON'T take the process casually. Focus on buying and be realistic about the market.

You need to have a good idea of what you want. DO always communicate with your broker. Promptly return all phone calls and emails, as you would expect the same courtesy.

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Below are some practical terms and definitions you might come across when looking for an apartment in New York City. Some of these may be used differently in other parts of the country so please make sure you familiarize yourself with them and avoid any unnecessary confusions. Sign up. This is your member's center Here you will find your folders where you can save listings and communicate with your agent. Available on mobile as well Got it. Contact Us. Buy Rent Sell Buildings Insights.

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Policy shift follows new analysis of state disclosure law and pressure from real-estate community

Buyer's Guide. Buyer's Guide Overview. Knowing What You Want. What to Buy. Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent. How Agents Work. Be Serious. Be Loyal to Your Broker. The Value of Being Pre-Qualified. Dos and Don'ts. Glossary of Terms. Knowing What You Want New York City offers some of the most varied housing options anywhere; as a result, you have many excellent options.

Some of the key items that you should resolve early on are as follows: Your budget For obvious reasons, this is probably the single most important factor. System devices are installed to monitor bandwidth utilization and are set to restrict the daily bandwidth utilization to MB, effective May 15, The Department will deny future access to those IP addresses in violation of this policy.

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In addition, the Department restricts access to users of robots, automatic scripts and other methods that consume excessive bandwidth to download information from ACRIS. High-volume users should contact the City Register to establish data subscription services that have been specifically designed to support such traffic. Any errors that occur as a result of using these sites are the responsibility of the filer, including any resulting penalty and interest. Historical Index Data Subscriptions Historical index data is also available for download by special request to the City Register.

An active subscription to download this data is not required. Instead, such requests will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. The cost of downloading historical index data will be quoted in advance. When the quoted cost is accepted and payment received, the data will be made available for download.

In particular, Cohen accused Trump of inflating and deflating his loan and tax documents, respectively — an allegation that appears to bear similarities to what ProPublica reported this week. Kevin Riordan, a financing expert and real-estate professor at Montclair State University who reviewed the newly revealed tax records, told ProPublica that "it really feels like there's two sets of books," one for lenders and one for tax investigators.

Der Artikel wurde versandt. Newly uncovered tax documents show Trump kept '2 sets of books' and may have committed financial fraud. Sonam Sheth , Business Insider. Reuters Newly uncovered tax documents from President Donald Trump that were obtained by ProPublica contain several inconsistencies that could point to financial fraud. The discrepancies in the numbers made some Trump properties look more valuable to lenders and less valuable to tax authorities, ProPublica said. At least one of the filings was made after Trump took office in The public may soon get a window into the president's closely held financial records after two separate court rulings ordered Trump to turn over years of tax returns to Congress and to New York prosecutors.

An employee at the IRS also recently blew the whistle on "inappropriate efforts to influence" the agency's audit of Trump's taxes. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Read more: The floodgates are opening as Trump officials publicly defy his orders and more whistleblowers come out of the shadows But the public may still get a window into the president's closely held financial documents thanks to an employee at the IRS who recently blew the whistle on "inappropriate efforts to influence" the agency's audit of Trump's tax returns.