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The takeaway? That gives you as the buyer some leverage in terms of getting the dealer to cut you a better deal on price. Come off as too demanding and the dealer may not be willing to make any concessions in your favor. Go in too soft and they may see you as a pushover. When you sit down with the salesperson and present your offer, be firm but polite.

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A salesperson may try to distract you by discussing financing, insurance or extras like a maintenance plan; this is a trap you should be prepared to avoid. Take the opportunity to clearly make your case as to why the dealer should accept a lower price.

KBB vs NADA (What’s my car worth)

The goal here is to get the dealer to acknowledge anything that might justify accepting your offer. At this point, two things can happen: The salesperson will suddenly suggest that the two of you can reach an agreement on price or he or she will shake your hand and tell you to come back if you change your mind. If the salesman chooses the former, be ready to make a counteroffer to any price that's suggested. At this point, you can increase your own offer slightly, but remember to keep your absolute ceiling in sight.

One ploy is to adopt hardball tactics to try and you wear you down. This is where the true test of your negotiating skills comes in. Hand over your phone number and say that if they change their mind about making a sale, to give you a call. Then wait and see what happens. If you know what you want and what it should cost, you are halfway there. Both dealers and private sellers have their advantages and disadvantages, but thoroughly inspect and test drive any car prior to purchase, and get their vehicle history report.

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Get the details and data on a vehicle by viewing:

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Wealth Lifestyle Advice. Table of Contents Expand. Depreciation is Depressing. Research First. The Blue Book does provide some very useful information. However, in my experience it does not provide the best figures for estimating a dealer's used car cost. It is more commonly used when a dealer is providing retail numbers, since they are much higher than other publications. Most auto lenders use NADA clean trade value to base how much they'll lend on a vehicle.

Buying Used American Cars?

The reason I don't recommend using this book is because most dealers will buy cars well under NADA clean trade. This is the most commonly used book by dealers to evaluate trade-ins, you must have a dealer's license or know a dealer to get your hands on one. You may notice when you get your vehicle appraised the value you're offered is significantly lower than the trade-in value of other books in the industry. Updated on a monthly basis, The Black Book provides dealer's with true auction or wholesale values.

Find Out Your Car's Value With Kelley Blue Book

These numbers are what a dealer may pay for your car at an auction, allowing for any reconditioning fees he may have to incur to prepare the vehicle for sale. Another great source to check the current market conditions on a certain vehicle is eBay. Put in the vehicle, go to the left column, scroll down to "Show Only" and check "Sold Listings. Once you've received the quotes, compare the prices with what you've estimated above to be the dealer's true cost. This will give you somewhat of an idea of how much mark-up is in the vehicle.

Keep in mind, it's only a guestimate. You should always take the time to price the vehicle you want to buy through the Black Book Trade-In Value Tool to get the most accurate pricing amounts. When you skim through classified ads, it's easy to miss something and focus on just the price. Car dealers are very good at writing classified advertisements, leaving the negative aspects out of an ad and focusing on the positives of the car.

Let's say you're searching for a certain car and there are 5 of them listed on CarClearanceDeals. They're all identical vehicles and have about the same mileage. Look closer at the ad, are the miles conveniently left out? Is there a certain option it's missing? Is it a different trim line?

Maybe it's just a really good deal My point is, dealer's can be very tricky with the way they advertise their vehicles. Slow down, be cautious and remember, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The best way to protect yourself from being ripped off by a dealership when buying a used car is to not rush into it. Slow down, take your time, do your research and make good buying decisions. Doing so will ensure you get a great deal buying a used car. Car Clearance Deals and Edmunds are the quickest way to compare new car prices in your local area. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation price quotes and the discounts you receive will give you confidence on your next new car purchase. Walk away from the dealership knowing you received a good deal, not hoping you did.

There is no such thing as a used car manufacturer. Pre-owned vehicles can come from anyhere. They are acquired by a dealership through wholesalers, auctions and local trade-ins. Since there is not a factory invoice price to refer, it can be difficult to determine a used car's cost. As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power. Have local car dealers compete for your business. Start an online bidding war between dealers from the comfort of your computer. Get local dealers to compete for your business by requesting free, no-obligation price quotes from the following online companies.

Competition between dealers is the best way to ensure you get the best price.

KBB vs NADA (What's my car worth) - AutoGravity

You win when dealers compete! New Cars.

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