Health insurance california during divorce

Removing a Spouse from Health Insurance Before Getting a Divorce

What is reasonable? Does it simply depend on a case to case basis as to whether or not the cost of health insurance is reasonable to a parent or not? The cost of health insurance and the out-of-pocket premium to the parent in a California child support order must be distinguished from the issue of out-of-pocket uninsured medical costs. Though this can sometimes cause confusion, a parent generally does not have a reimbursement right against the other parent for the cost of health insurance.

This will be the subject of a future family law article where we will discuss how to obtain reimbursement of uninsured medical costs from the other parent and some traps that parents must be careful not fall into when requesting reimbursement or being asked for reimbursement. Do you have a California child support order with which you need help? Are you confused as to why a court made a particular order or do you need assistance because you have a child support hearing coming up? Orange County Child Support Lawyers. Last Name.

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But paying attention to your insurance details during the divorce can prevent future financial issues. Almost every type of insurance is impacted in some way by divorce. Here are some of the insurance changes to make after a divorce.

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  8. There are two types of life insurance: term life insurance, which lasts for a set term and has no cash value, and permanent life insurance, which lasts until death and has a cash value. This guide can help you learn more about the difference between term and permanent life insurance. Aside from permanent life insurance policies needing to be listed as assets, divorce does not automatically change anything else about the policies. It is up to the policy owner to change beneficiaries. Likewise, you can change the beneficiaries on your own policies.

    Additional life insurance policies are often included in a divorce agreement to protect alimony payments, child support payments, pension or retirement funds one spouse is meant to receive from the other.

    Many judges will order the breadwinner to have life insurance to ensure their financial obligations to their former spouse are met, even if they unexpectedly pass away. If the divorce settlement includes alimony payments or child support payments to your ex-spouse, or a portion of your pension or retirement savings, life insurance may be an additional part of your divorce decree. This is called court-ordered life insurance, and you will usually be given a deadline to get a policy in place.

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    Looking for life insurance? Check out this list of best companies. Disability insurance protects your ability to earn an income. If you earn an income, you should consider disability coverage. A divorce agreement may require you get disability insurance if your spouse depends on child support or alimony payments, similar to court-appointed life insurance.

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    Getting divorced is a qualifying life event that makes you eligible for a special enrollment period. You have a few options:. Both ex-spouses need to have their own auto policy.

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    If the car insurance policy is in your name, you can remove your ex as a driver. They will have to get a new policy. The same goes for homeowners insurance.