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By Julian Robinson for MailOnline. The funeral for former first lady Nancy Reagan will be held on Friday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, after which she will be laid to rest next to her late husband, it was revealed today.


The library announced Monday that Mrs Reagan will lie in repose for public visitation on Wednesday from 1pm to 7pm and Thursday from 10am to 2pm. Transportation to the library will be by shuttle from a bank property in Simi Valley, California. Friday's funeral starts at 11am and will be closed to the public.

The year-old former First Lady passed away in Bel Air, California , on Sunday after suffering congestive heart failure. Scroll down for video. Officers stand to attention and salute as the hearse carrying the coffin of Nancy Reagan is driven away from her home in Bel Air. Nancy Reagan will be laid to rest next to her late husband, the former President Ronald Reagan, it has emerged. California Highway Patrol are pictured scorting the hearse transporting the former First Lady's body. Nancy Reagan touches the casket of her husband, former U. Further details of the service have yet to be revealed but the spokesman said there will be an opportunity for 'members of the public to pay their respects at the library'.

Instead of flowers, Mrs Reagan asked that contributions be made to the library. Starting as an actress in the s and s, she married Ronald Reagan - then president of the Screen Actors Guild - in Mrs Reagan was an influential First Lady during her husband's presidency from to Notably she spearheaded the 'Just Say No' to campaign against drugs, speaking at schools and appearing on TV shows such as Dynasty and Diff'rent Strokes to promote the cause. A pedestrian passes by the sign at the entrance to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library where some visitors laid flowers on Sunday.

Nancy Reagan will be buried at the Library next to her late husband. Her efforts are credited with driving cocaine use down to a year low. Ronald Reagan died on June 5, , after a year battle with Alzheimer's disease. In recent years, Nancy struggled with her health after falling at home and breaking three ribs in , not long after breaking her pelvis at home in Despite her own health setbacks, however, Mrs Reagan remained active in politics, particularly in relation to stem-cell research. It is not yet been revealed whether they will attend the funeral.

Friends, relatives and associates along with celebrities took to Twitter to express their sadness over her death.

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Despite her own health setbacks Mrs Reagan remained active in politics, particularly in stem-cell research. Michael Reagan, her stepson, tweeted: 'She is once again with the man she loved', while former President George W Bush also spoke about her love for her husband in a statement released on behalf of himself and his wife. Mrs Reagan was fiercely loyal to her beloved husband, and that devotion was matched only by her devotion to our country. During her time as first lady and since, she raised awareness about drug abuse and breast cancer. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle paid tribute to the former actress saying that she helped prepare them for life at the White House.

A statement from them said: 'Nancy Reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for living in the White House. Bettro, Frederick 48 29 September - 21 April Massachusetts. Bevans, Clay 36 17 May - 11 April Tennessee. Bevilacqua, Robert 37 10 September - 20 December Florida. Beyer, Joseph 19 20 July - 14 September Wisconsin. Beyer, Paul 46 15 May - 23 December Wisconsin.

Bianko, Natasha 17 18 January - 30 November Russia. Bickford, Rab 42 17 September - 19 July Washington. Biddle, Charles W. Bieghler, Kyler 24 08 June - 19 March Indiana. Biggs, Robert 30 05 May - 09 May Florida. Biggs, Shannon 25 30 January - 27 July Tennessee. Biggs, Abraham 19 23 December - 19 November Florida. Biggs, Robert J. Billasano, Ashley 18 09 October - 07 November Texas. Bilusack, Brent 19 24 July - 29 December Canada. Bilyeu, Bryce 19 05 March - 01 January Illinois. Bingham, Larry D. Binnick, Jessica J. Birch, Monica 55 11 July - 02 November England.

Bird, Jared 27 14 March - 18 January Colorado. Bische, Christopher J. Bishop, Christopher 29 15 November - 30 January Texas. Bishop, Donald 22 24 September - 07 August Florida. Bishop, Jr. Bissonette, Daniel L. Bitcon, Dean 42 23 September - 23 February Connecticut. Bixby, Jr. Black, Brian 18 16 February - 10 February Illinois. Black, Luther 59 22 August - 21 September Georgia. Black, A. Blackburn, Johnny 46 12 December - 13 July Kentucky. Blackman, Greg 35 07 February - 14 March Nebraska. Blackmon, Debra K. Blackmon, Dwayne 37 09 December - 08 August Georgia.

Blackmon, Sr. Blackmore, Arnie 50 13 October - 26 March Pennsylvania. Blackstone, David M. Blagburn, Paul 44 01 March - 31 December Alabama. Blair, Brandon 30 11 February - 29 January Pennsylvania. Blair, Timothy 51 06 January - 04 October Florida. Blair, Jr.

Blake, Christopher L. Blakely, Bradley 26 29 September - 23 July Canada. Blanchard, Jennifer 41 16 December - 20 November Florida. Blanchet, Alisa 42 17 October - 06 May Oklahoma. Blaney, Charles 67 13 August - 11 February Florida. Blankenship, Andy 17 04 August - 05 October Texas.

Blankenship, Ray 33 06 April - 21 January Georgia. Blankenship, Steven M. Blauvelt, Kendall 26 08 July - 09 March Arkansas. Blea, Raymond 35 28 December - 07 December California. Bledsoe, John 30 21 June - 16 April California. Blevins, Savannah 14 08 January - 02 December Pennsylvania. Block, Victoria 53 13 June - 21 July Florida. Blohm, Travis R. Bluestein, Sandra 32 21 February - 14 November Michigan. Blunt, Jr. Bobarikova, Anatasia 17 22 October - 05 May Maryland.

Boclair, William E. Bodjack, Adam 28 04 August - 25 November Florida. Boedeker, Timothy A. Boehland, Dewayne 33 09 May - 30 June Oregon. Boehling, Stephen W. Boehling, Adam J. Boewe, Rory 21 18 January - 07 February Maine. Bogan, Michael 41 15 April - 29 April Pennsylvania. Bogert, Jonathan D. Boicourt, M. Lynn 27 01 April - 24 September Indiana. Bolender, Butch 24 11 August - 26 October Michigan. Boles, Blake 23 02 August - 19 October Maryland. Boles, Jr. Bollinger, David 26 02 January - 21 September Indiana.

Bommarito, Kristina l. Bonacci, Jamie 13 05 May - 29 January Missouri. Bonano, Luis 29 06 September - 30 July Illinois. Boncimino, Laurie 20 07 June - 02 March Illinois. Bond, Cason 20 25 October - 10 November Missouri. Bond, Jeremy 25 26 November - 18 July Ohio. Bond, Richard W. Bonds, Nathan K. Bonilla, Mark 51 27 January - 04 May California. Bonine, Thomas A. Bonislawski, Frank 33 13 June - 22 May Delaware. Bonnett, Jr. Bontsema, Peter 24 07 January - 07 September Illinois. Bonzi, Jamin 23 02 August - 19 July Florida.

Boomsma, Kevin 32 26 October - 28 December California. Booth, Charles 27 22 January - 10 October Pennsylvania. Borau, Peter W. Borau, Anna 21 17 February - 11 January England. Borcherding, Doris 49 11 August - 10 March Florida. Borelli, Cody 30 06 February - 10 April Arizona. Borg, John 48 09 December - 08 July California. Borgman, Debby D. Boring, Jr. Born, Billy 28 14 September - 08 April Wisconsin.

Borunda, Ignacio 31 16 April - 14 July California. Borzok, Ralph 52 26 April - 01 February Pennsylvania. Boss, Joseph 17 10 December - 23 November Minnesota. Bossart, Sebastian 27 14 December - 21 July California. Boster, Diane 46 03 September - 10 May Ohio. Boucher, Winnie 52 29 December - 19 September Kansas. Boucher, Robert 16 21 February - 10 January Colorado. Martinville, Louisiana. Boughton, Ben 17 04 April - 20 March England.

Boulch, Donald 57 29 December - 02 January Missouri.

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Bourgeois, Mark 39 15 June - 29 April Oregon. Bourgeous, Ryan 26 26 March - 01 October Kansas. Bourn, Rodney R. Bournival, Abel 16 18 June - 18 June Maine. Bourque, Patrick 29 27 September - 25 September Canada. Bova, Nicholas 18 17 November - 03 June Pennsylvania. Bowen, Heath 27 31 January - 25 September Kansas. Bowers, Sr. Bowles, Dellano 73 11 August - 29 June Georgia. Bowman, David 56 17 May - 09 October Arizona. Bowman, Karen 27 05 January - 19 October Texas. Boyd, Justin 18 20 May - 01 February Arizona.

Boyer, Kevin 34 05 December - 08 June Minnesota. Boyer, Ronald 50 18 August - 22 February Texas. Boylan, Dan 28 17 February - 17 January California. Brabb, Brian 21 18 March - 23 April Idaho. Bracken, Mitchell 16 27 April - 06 May Pennsylvania. Brackenridge, Paul R. Bradley, Patty 69 05 May - 17 January Alabama. Bradley, Alma 60 17 May - 16 October California. Brady, Charles E. Brady, Matthew P. Brake, Jason 23 06 April - 16 December Ohio. Branch, Rebecca 18 24 November - 04 May Illinois. Brandon, Matthew 35 12 November - 26 October Tennessee. Brannung, David 41 25 September - 02 May Cincinnati ohio.

Branson, Shawn 29 09 January - 28 June Texas. Brantner, Paul 40 14 December - 08 September Wisconsin. Branton, Richard 56 24 January - 06 March Canada. Brasel, Buddy V. Brasfield, Nicholas L. Brass, Steven B. Brassell, Susan M. Bratcher, Brett 16 08 February - 14 July Texas. Bratek, Jordan 17 17 August - 08 May Georgia. Brattain, Kurt 19 11 February - 04 December Indiana. Bravo, Jr. Bray, Bobbie 61 06 June - 12 February Texas. Bray, Jason 31 01 January - 29 January Georgia. Brayman, Terry 34 13 April - 07 April Nebraska. Breard, Jr. Breen, Thomas H. Breen, Sr. Breest, Vicki 39 04 October - 20 July Wisconsin.

Bremen, Parsa 20 13 September - 20 July California. Brenckman, Brian 20 25 November - 17 October Texas. Brevick, Ryan 20 24 April - 14 June Nevada. Brewer, Jr. Brewster, Bryan 22 26 February - 25 March Iowa. Brezel, William F. Bridges, Edward 52 07 August - 29 January Virginia. Bridges, Earline 57 24 May - 21 October Louisiana. Bridges, Wynston 22 06 Janurary - 02 February Kentucky. Bridwell, Kenny 32 25 May - 30 October Wyoming. Brigante, Jr.

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Briggs, Bradley 32 03 June - 27 May Pennsylvania. Brightman, Wayne 50 30 June - 15 April Texas. Brinistool, James 33 12 January - 21 July Michigan. Brinkley, Shannon 14 29 December - 11 June Tennessee. Britton, Taylor 19 18 March - 17 September Tennessee. Broadnax, Marque 30 08 September - 22 April Pennsylvania.

Brochu, Daniel 21 21 April - 11 August Canada. Brock, Greg 45 27 May - 28 May Minnesota. Brock, Joseph 38 08 June - 16 February Pennsylvania. Brockoff, Lary 44 15 August - 21 June California. Broesch, Shawn 20 02 March - 03 January Washington. Broll, Ken 39 27 March - 22 August Texas. Bromberg, Jr. Keenon 23 21 September - 02 February Birmingham, Alabama.

Bronez, Wesley 18 29 September - 11 October Texas. Bronocowski, Andrew 19 04 April - 31 January Michigan. Brook, Michelle L. Brook, Jr. Brooks, Brian 28 25 January - 13 November Indiana. Brooks, Spencer 17 16 January - 21 July Arizona. Brooks, Kenneth 37 17 November - 31 May Tennessee. Brooks, Levi 25 18 March - 94 August Georgia. Brookshire, Butch 47 16 June - 01 March Georgia. Brostek, Jr. Brothen, Trent 26 24 September - 22 July Minnesota. Broughton, Scott M. Broussard, Scott 34 09 August - 11 November Louisiana.

Broussard, Austin 17 23 March - 27 September Louisiana. Brown, Stephen K. Brown, Ashley 15 07 December - 06 March Texas. Brown, Cain 19 01 November - 27 June Georgia. Brown, Jason 29 15 May - 06 June Ohio. Brown, Martin 20 20 July - 10 September Missouri. Brown, Gary 21 20 June - 21 December Washington. Brown, Kayla 16 13 June - 27 March Nevada. Brown, Mark 45 25 February - 14 March Missouri. Brown, Michael 39 19 June - 08 November Iowa. Brown, Katherine 39 01 May - 08 July Washington. Brown, Marilyn 45 09 March - 28 July California. Brown, Cody 20 01 May - 27 November Texas. Brown, Don 40 09 September - 11 December Kentucky.

Brown, Robert 21 01 March - 20 April Texas. Brown, Alan 59 07 November - 06 June Florida. Brown, Dustin 15 11 March - 25 January California. Brown, David 46 20 August - 24 December Maryland. Brown, Denise 32 06 June - 12 May California. Brown, Lance S. Brown, Thomas M.

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Brown, Sr. Bruce, Dale 39 18 July - 12 May Maryland. Bruce, Kenneth F. Bruce, Landon 27 30 April - 13 April California. Brumfield, Joshua 25 29 October - 20 March Louisiana. Brumfield, Richard 42 03 August - 29 October Kentucky. Brumfield, Hunter 31 05 June - 31 July Missouri. Brunner, Timothy 45 20 November - 05 September Tennessee. Bruno, Danile 56 10 May - 08 July Massachusetts. Brush, Jonathan 19 06 March - 03 March Colorado.

Bryan, Adam M. Bryant, Stacy 15 15 May - 06 November Oklahoma. Bryant, Harold 31 23 January - 06 March Georgia. Bryant, Larae 31 31 October - 15 January Florida. Bryant, Shane 16 13 September - 30 July Virginia.

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Bryant, Jr. Brzozowy, Mitchell 16 10 September - 07 August Connecticut. Buchman, Kevin 19 12 November - 17 February Minnesota. Buck, Ryan 35 24 March - 10 May California. Buckalew, Nick 27 28 July - 27 November Louisiana. Buckallew, David A. Buckberry, Christopher 17 23 May - 03 May Michigan. Buckley, Shannon 44 24 July - 06 June California. Buckley, Mark 30 01 May - 24 June Ireland. Buckley, Kevin E. Buckner, William 40 13 July - 10 August Kentucky. Buechler, Terry 39 20 June - 27 October Ohio. Buell, Jr. Buenrostro, Jr. Buescher, Karen 61 19 July - 08 October Tennessee. Bull, Robert H. Bull, Thomas 49 21 November - 23 June Colorado. Bullard, Bill 51 17 September - 26 June Arkansas. Bullock, Michael F. Buonauro, Michael A. Burbach, Adam 19 23 October - 22 November Wisconsin. Burch, Rye 19 10 March - 08 December Idaho.

Burch, Jr. Burden, Jennifer A. Burgess, Scott 41 25 January - 19 October Massachusetts. Burgess, Luke A. Burgoyne, Suzanne 24 10 March - 29 August Georgia. Burke, Alex 20 13 November - 16 October Virginia. Burke, Robert 36 01 January - 15 November Michigan. Burke, Janine 19 27 December - 14 September Maine. Burket, Thomas 25 15 December - 08 September Massachusetts.

Burkett, Justin M. Burkhalter, Gary 30 16 June - 17 March Ohio. Burkhart, Jimmy 41 13 June - 21 June Florida. Burleigh, Joseph U. Burleson, Jason 30 04 October - 05 March Michigan. Burleson, Jr. Burnett, Steve 58 09 January - 22 September Oklahoma. Burnett, Sr. Burnette, Larry 65 15 September - 17 June Virginia. Burney, Sr. Burnom, Paul B. Burns, Patrick 50 19 June - 23 March Michigan. Burnside, Barbara 32 07 January - 20 September Virginia.

Burrage, Rey C. Burrell, Christopher 25 31 August - 08 September Arizona. Burris, James E. Burt, Andrew 21 26 March - 26 June Canada. Burton, Jobe 36 27 December - 23 May Ohio.

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Burton, John 44 27 February - 29 August Maryland. Burton, Jr. Busch, Adam 23 02 May - 01 June Vermont. Buschmann, Michael 38 15 January - 09 September Missouri. Busier, Timothy 54 09 May - 09 January Vermont. Butcher, Harold 39 07 May - 23 February Texas. Butler, Marc 16 24 July - 20 May Florida. Butler, James 23 09 February - 09 September Oklahoma. Butler, Shawn 24 09 February - 08 September Florida. Butler, Rodney 19 13 October - 25 February Pennsylvania.

Butler, John 33 04 February - 25 August Pennsylvania. Butler, Jr. Butt, Gus 28 24 February - 15 March Maryland. Butterfield, Jeffrey J. Buzzell, Candace M. Byler, Kenneth 27 01 July - 19 August Texas. Byram, Alan J.

Byrd, David 37 09 June - 13 March Kentucky. Byrd, Tristan G. Byrne, Steven 50 04 December - 22 November Washington. South Australia, Australia. Bywaters, Jr. Cable, Kevin 18 12 June - 08 August Missouri. Cabra, Anna 25 08 September - 05 November Texas. Caddy, Rachel 11 24 February - 22 July Utah. Cadigan, Steven W. Cady, Stephanie 21 17 September - 04 April Pennsylvania. Caffrey, Donna 44 16 March - 24 December Washington. Cahn, Sam 16 01 April - 27 June California. Cain, William 39 27 September - 01 March Texas. Cain, Jonathan R. Cain, Sr. Caines, Jr. Cairns, Joseph 19 12 December - 27 February Wisconsin.

Calcagni, Adymn 15 30 November - 07 October Massachusetts. Caldwell, Craig 31 09 October - 11 May Ohio. Caldwell, Steven 41 03 December - 16 September Washtington. Caldwell, Trent L. Caldwell, Tommy C. Cale, Bernard 38 18 November - 13 August Virginia. Calhoun, Cassandra D. Caliendo, Ryan P. Calkins, Hira S. Callahan, Charlie 49 18 November - 24 October Florida. Callahan, Liam 17 14 October - 04 November Texas. Callahan, Gary 55 21 September - 22 January Indiana. Callaway, Jr. Callendar, Shane 41 02 November - 09 November Texas. Calloway, Robert 16 26 July - 29 October Michigan.

Calogero, Anthony 40 01 January - 03 May Connecticut. Calvert, Chris 22 01 November - 06 April Wyoming. Camarillo, Fernando 23 02 August - 19 June Texas. Camp, Sr. Campbell, Brandon 22 05 September - 10 November Arkansas. Campbell, Alan 48 04 February - 18 August Pennsylvania. Campbell, Aaron 16 01 November - 18 November Texas. Campbell, Bobby 29 20 February - 11 July Maryland.

Campbell, Gary 31 18 July - 17 October Nevada. Campbell, Coree 16 19 November - 18 August Oklahoma. She was a good cook and as a former restaurant manager, loved cooking for her family, school and church events. She was highly mechanical and took pride in being able to fix anything by herself. Her hobbies included anything to do with music, riding ATVs and water skiing with her children and watching movies with her family. Karen loved animals, especially her beloved terrier, Frankie. She enjoyed computers and became proficient at Web design and often created advertising and web sites for local businesses.

Karen was a great fan of the Eaton Rapids High School wrestling team, attending every event. She also appeared on local television recently as a cohost of "On The Road," a show for campers. Karen married Dustin Graham in at St. Peter Catholic Church, where she was a member. A rosary and funeral Mass were held at St. Bennett Constantine. Att: Becky Teel. He was born February 20, in Aurelius Twp. Bateman Clarke.

James was a full-time farmer following the path of his father and grandfather. Reluctant to retire, he continued to do field work until this year when his health forced him to slow down. Electric Co-op Association 10 yrs. Farm Bureau Services, Onondaga Twp. Board of Review, as well as a f-H Community and Handicraft leader 20 yrs. In his younger days he loved to fish, hunt and trap. He enjoyed playing Dominoes with family and friends.

He is survived by his devoted wife of 69 years, Dorothy M. Funeral services will be held Wednesday June 20, p. Church with interment following at Griffith Cemetery with Jack Fugate officiating. The family will receive friends Tuesday June 19 from and p. Donations in his honor may be made to the Griffith U.

Church building fund or the American Heart Association. David was born Nov. He was raised in Marquette and was a graduate of the Graveraet High School. Following his honorable military discharge, David returned to Marquette where he was employed in the maintenance department at Northern Michigan University. He later moved to Texas where he opened and operated his own business, Brazos Valley Maintenance Masters, until when he became disabled. He moved back to Marquette where he resided from to He returned to Bryan, Texas, residing there until when he moved to the Lansing area.

In his leisure, David greatly enjoyed being with his grandchildren, camping, coin collecting and adding to his vast collection of eagles. David was a member of St. Survivors include his wife, Gayle K. Dixon Clement, whom he married July 14, at St. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at St.

Christopher Catholic Church on Jan. Jeff Johnson as celebrant. A reception for family and friends followed in the church fellowship hall. Inurnment was made in the Holy Cross Cemetery. Memorials may be directed to St. Jack O. Clever, 82, of Charlotte, died Tuesday, Oct. Clever was born Dec. Clever retired from the city of Charlotte as the Building and Zoning Director. Clarence Junior Coldiron, 84, of Charlotte, died Feb.

He is preceded in death by his wife, Thora Coldiron; and his son, Charles Coldiron. Beverly J. Cole worked in food preparation at Bill Knapps Commissary. She enjoyed making tea towels, crossword puzzles and reading Indian stories by Cassie Edwards. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Warren Slider in and second husband Ralph Cole in Myers, Jr. Funeral services were Oct. Interment was in Maple Hill Cemetery located in Charlotte. Cole was born on Jan. Diane was a lifelong resident of this area and had lived in Olivet for the last 34 years.

She had worked in the onion fields north of Marshall in her youth. On Jan. Cole Sr. Diane was a member of the Marshall Church of Christ. She enjoyed making crafts of all kinds and crocheting. She loved to go camping and fishing and was a familiar sight on the lakes near Tri-Lake Trails Camp Grounds. Diane loved animals and considered her two dogs, Buddy and Scooter, as valued family members. A service to celebrate the gift of her life was held July 26 at the funeral home with Pastor Douglas Hammond of the Marshall Church of Christ officiating.

Interment followed in Lyon Lake Cemetery. Friends who wish may make memorial contributions to the Diane J. Cole Memorial Fund. Assistance with memorials is available at the funeral home. To leave a personal message and sign the online guest register, visit www. Rachael K. Cole, age 71 of Allendale was called home by her Lord and Saviour.

She was preceded in death by her brothers Perry and Jim and sister Roxie. Robert Porterfield and Rev. Robert Searles officiating. Coopersville, MI, or Gideons International. Colleen R. Converse, 47, of Charlotte, died Thursday, March 8, She was preceded in death by grandfather, Rolland DeLano in Warren Jay Cook, 87, passed on July 10, at his home in Charlotte. He was born Sept. After the war, he and his wife started a family farm, but left the farm to earn Bachelor's and Master's degrees from MSU in Soil Science. During his time in Mio, he helped institute the Great Lakes Forestry Exposition, and helped establish the Kirtland Warbler as an endangered species.

He then moved on to Kalkaska County as County Extension Director and then moved finally to Eaton County, first as Agricultural Agent, and then County Extension Director, where he worked with the development of no-till farming. He retired in and took up farming fruits and vegetables just outside of Charlotte. He worked with his family, especially with his son Randy to run the farm and had finally retired to advisory status. He had a great love of learning and his family, and was very proud of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

His humor, his insight and his strong love and support will be sorely missed by his family and community. He is survived by his five children; Warren Jay Cook, Jr. James Troust officiating. Glenda S. Glenda was born on September 17, Glenda was an active member of the Capitol City Baptist Church Deaf Ministry and was a loving and devoted wife and mother. She cherished her home and family and committed her life to their care. She loved the the outdoors, gardening, tending her lawn and flower beds, camping and walking in the woods.

God blessed her family with an angel, and we now release her back into the arms of her loving Savior. We are not saying goodbye, but see you soon when Jesus returns to take His children home to Heaven. God bless her sweet spirit. She will always be in our hearts with golden memories of times gone by. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Giver her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates. Erwin Robertson officiating. She was born Dec. On Dec.

Cornish in Mulliken. The couple would have been married 48 years in December. Eunice was a stay at home mom while both her boys were growing up. When her youngest child started college, she decided to go also. Christian School for 10 years. She had a love for reading books, and Literature being her favorite. She also had a love of music, and her love for Gospel Quartets, and she was a member of the Choir at Nashville Baptist Church for years, and taught Sunday School, and was an accomplished seamstress. She is survived by her husband, Charles A.

Deano Lamphere officiating. For those wishing, contributions may be made to the Barry Co. Christian School in memory of Mrs. Express your thoughts and memories in the online Guest Book or obtain a copy of the obituary at www. Edward D. Cory, 65, of Big Rapids, passed away Tuesday, June 19, at his residence following a lengthy illness. As a child, he moved with his family to Negaunee, and graduated from Negaunee High School in Ed received his B. Moving to Big Rapids in , Ed spent the remainder of his career teaching in the graduate program in career technical education at Ferris State, retiring in January of Ed was a communicant of St.

Andrew's Episcopal Church in Big Rapids, serving as a vestryman, a member of the Property Commission, and sang in the church choir. In , he married the former Kathleen Ann Kittinger, who survives. Funeral services were held June 22 at St. Richard Shinn officiating. Burial was in the Negaunee City Cemetery. Memorial contributions in his name for St.

Andrew's may be left at the church or funeral home. After graduation, Dick was appointed second lieutenant in the US Army and served with distinction in the Korean War and was discharged as a Captain. Upon being discharged, he joined Consumers Power as a graduate student in training, and retired as Corporate Senior Gas Consultant Gas Utilization after 39 years of service. Dick was also very active in numerous civic and church activities. Family will receive friends 1 hour prior to service time at the church. She was born Nov. She was preceded in death by her current husband, Robert D. Cox; and former husband of 51 years, Herman R.

Surviving are her devoted caregiver, Judy Choat; two sons, R. A memorial will be held at a later date. Robert Dale Cox passed away Nov. He was born in Charlotte on April 12, After the war, Bob moved out to Pomona, CA in search of adventure. Bob owned his own engineering company called R. Cox, Inc. Bob was preceded in death by his beloved first wife, Edna Koller Cox in Kendall and Robert R. Private funeral services were held Nov. She was raised in Eaton County and lived in Charlotte throughout her life.

She married Charles Darrah Crabtree June 27, They raised their five children in Eaton County. She retired after 25 years at Carefree in Charlotte. She will always and forever be remembered for her big heart and open door policy to help them in need. She was preceded in death by her parents, brother Clayton and daughter-in-law, Sonja. Funeral services at Pray Funeral Home will be 3 p. Interment will be at the Hillside Cemetery in Kalamo Township. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to the Family. Sonja R. Blankenship Crabtree, 46, of Mason, died Jan.

Blankenship Crabtree was born Feb. Graveside services were held Jan. If desired memorial contributions may be made to Charlotte Assembly of God. Roxie was born Aug. He was a Master Sgt. James retired from G. He enjoyed cutting, splitting and selling firewood. Preceded in death by his son-in-law, Mike McCune; 3 brothers; and 1 sister. James is survived by his wife of 53 years, Dorothy J. Funeral services were held on Thursday, Nov. Bess M. Tran Crandall, 83, of Charlotte died Tuesday, Dec. Crandall was born Jan.

Army during W. She enjoyed playing cards and bingo with her friends at Kiwanis Manor. Memorial services were held Friday, Dec. Memorial contributions may go to the First Lutheran Church. Douglas L. Mass of Christian Burial was held on October 15, All services at Archdiocese of Denver Mortuary.

Entombment to follow, Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Arthur J. Creller, 77, of Bellevue, died Wednesday, Jan. Creller was an employee of AE Hoover before retiring. He enjoyed gardening and canning the things he grew. Creller loved his family, one of his favorite things were going to his grandchildren's sporting events. Funeral services were Feb. Interment was at Hillside Cemetery in Kalamo Township. Leon L. Born January 15, in Williamston one of nine children born to Wayne M.

After retirement Leon moved north to live with his brother, Lester, and together they won several trophies for their involvement in garden tractor pulls. Leon was preceded in death by 2 sisters, Caroline Allen and Nancy Crippen. Stephen link officiating. Burial took place at the Plains Cemetery in Aurelius Township. Family suggest memorial contributions to be made to the American Diabetes Association in memory of Leon L. Francis L. Crocker, 75, of Bellevue, died Wednesday, Jan. He was born Oct. Francis served in the U.

He earned a Bachelor's degree in economics from Michigan State University and worked as an independent insurance agent until retiring in Francis married Alice B. O'Connor Aug. He enjoyed wildlife, yard work, hunting, traveling and especially spending time with his family and friends. Mass of Christian Burial took place Jan. Mary's Catholic Church, with Rev.

Denis Spitzley, officiating. Interment was at Riverside Cemetery, Bellevue. Ronald L. Crosby, 64, of Eaton Rapids, died Sunday Nov. Ron was retired from the Olofsson Corporation in Lansing after 33 years of service. He was a veteran of the U. Ron especially enjoyed his association with the Mid Michigan Streetrod Association. Ron was preceded in death by his son, Ronald Lee Crosby, Jr. A special thank you to Dr.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, Nov. Interment followed at Delta Center Cemetery. Cross worked for General Motors for 30 years as a foreman. Cross enjoyed playing cards, Bingo, fishing trips to Canada and traveling throughout the Bahamas, Canada and Mexico. He had farmed for 40 years. Interment was at Deepdale Cemetery, Lansing. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to Hospice. Dennis E. Dennis was born July 29, in Detroit. He was preceded in death by his father, Paul Edward Csondor. Dean was born Feb.

He was preceded in death by his father, Thomas, and stillborn daughter, Lindsey Rae. Dean loved to be outside, whether cutting wood, camping, with his farming buddies. He was a hard worker, plowing snow in winter, mowing the grass in the summer and kept a house so clean you could eat off his floor. He took great pride in being a recovered Alcoholic with the AA program and helped chair meetings. Dean was very proud of his sons and grandson.

Funeral services were held Tuesday, Sept. Interment was in Gresham Cemetery in Charlotte. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to American Heart Association. Arrangements were made by Pray Funeral Home in Charlotte. Mary Celine Current, 77, of Charlotte, died Nov. Mary was born Dec. As a homemaker, she raised her children with love and as they grew to adulthood she continued to receive great joy from her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

She is survived by her husband, Robert E. Francisco Radecki officiating. Interment was in Bosworth Cemetery in Walton Township. Memorial contributions may be made to The Women's Center, Chicago. Steven Cyphert. He was born June 4, in Brookville, Penn. He was involved with band boosters, Community Theater, Frontier Days and Relay For Life, but his greatest treasure were his daughters and grandchildren.

He was married to Carolyn Jean Hope on June 9, ; she survives him. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, Feb. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to the Cyphert family. Florence A. Czechowski was born Sept. She was a member of the St. Gerard's Catholic Church in Lansing. Delta Township. She was preceded in death by her husband, Henry W. Services were held Aug. Gerard Catholic Church, W. Willow Hwy. Memorial contributions may go to the Eaton Community Hospice, S. Cochran Rd.

Dalrymple of Onondaga, passed away on Friday, April 27, , at the age of Bob was preceded in death by his parents, Martin and Dorothy Smith Dalrymple, one great grandchild, sister, Patricia Rae and step-father, Dawson Burke. Cremation has taken place and there will be no services. Arrangements are being handled by the J. Adams Funeral Home, Leslie Chapel. He was born Feb. Joseph served in the U. Navy from until retiring from the Navy in He also worked at Michigan Carton until Joseph enjoyed classical music and theater, holding season subscriptions to the Battle Creek Symphony and The Barn Theatre.

He was also a passionate cribbage champion. Ann Catholic Church, Bellevue, officiating. Marlene Sue Davids, 53, of Acworth, Ga. Born in Charlotte, Mrs. Davids had worked in the cafeteria for the Cobb County School system for seventeen years. She was a wonderful wife, the best mom and mother-in-law. A special thank you to her best friend, Ginger Suttles and her brother, Freddie Burt, for your support, love and friendship. Survivors include her husband, Mike L.

Scott Crowder officiating. Clyde W. Davis of Onondaga, age 82, who would have turned 83 in June, passed away Friday, May 11, He proudly served his country in the U. He married Olive Marie Earl on July 24, , and they spent nearly 57 years together until her death in Funeral services will be held a. Main, Eaton Rapids with interment following at Onondaga Cemetery.

The family will receive friends and family today from and p. He often told his children that he had a full life. Darlene G. Davis, 73, died Jan. She was born July 20, in Vermont. There will be no services. Cochran, Charlotte, Mich. Davis, 75, of Charlotte died Saturday, Dec. Davis and Mrs. Funeral services were Dec. Carl W. Davison of Jackson, formerly of Eaton Rapids, passed away in the presence of his family and Great Lakes Hospice on Wednesday, March 14, at the age of He also enjoyed golfing. He was preceded in death by his two brothers, Donald and Robert; two sisters, Genevieve and Kathryn.

Memorial contributions may be made to Fellowship Baptist Church, they would be appreciated. Fellowship Baptist Church, Reed Rd. Arrangements by Desnoyer Funeral Home of Jackson. Julia Mae Dawley. Julia retired from Lansing General Hospital in Housekeeping. Preceding her in death was her husband of 36 years, Leo Dawly. Funeral services will be Wednesday, August 15, at p. Burial will follow in the Munger Cemetery in Eaton Rapids.

Family will receive friends at the funeral home on Tuesday from and p. For those desiring memorial contributions may be made to either the Assembly of God Church or Gideons in memory of Julia M. Billy Day. Day, 75, of Charlotte, died Wednesday, Dec. Day was born Jan. Day had been a real estate agent for the past 20 years. Sharon DeMull. Sharon J. DeMull, 53, of Potterville died unexpectedly Feb. Gregory R. Wolfe officiating.

Contributions may be made to the American Heart Association. Kurt DeMuth. Kurt J. DeMuth, 26, of Charlotte, died, Wednesday, Sept. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, bowling and sports. DeMuth was a wonderful husband, great dad and brother who was very proud of his family. Funeral services were held Sept. If desired memorial contributions may be made to his children. Deuel, 94, of Charlotte, died, Wednesday, Aug.

Deuel was born Nov. Deuel was a homemaker who taught Sunday School for 30 years. Deuel enjoyed collecting pottery and her proudest moments were of her family. Interment was at the Needmore Cemetery in Charlotte. Thomas Dexter. Thomas "Tom" Dexter of Charlotte, died May 23, Dexter was a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. He was an avid hunter and fisherman. The most important things in his life were his love and faith in God, his family and many friends.