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Recover a bank password? Open a credit card? Take a car loan? The problem with revealing your birthday isn't the birthday itself, it is that you are giving people one more data point. Reveal your birthday on site A, your relatives on site B which gives for example mother's maiden name , your address on site C That information can then be used to hack things, either directly using password reset forms, guessing passwords, etc, or indirectly through spear phishing attacks. For example a birthday message from an old school friend that arrives on your birthday and comes from their name would be much more convincing than a random email with a link saying "click this".

The issue is not the birthday itself, the issue is a that unfortunately a lot of companies and websites are still using it for verification purposes.

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This is certainly bad practice and lots of companies are changing their policies just for that reason. Banks sometimes used it for retrieving a password, but in recent years they too have changed their procedures significantly depending on bank you use. So to answer your question is it safe to reveal your birthdate. Preferably you only reveal it whenever it is really necessary e.

As with any personal information the best thing to do is to disclose in as few occasions as possible. On the other hand if identity theft is done and the culprit turns out to be someone being able to retrieve information or performing an action by just giving your birthday which is easy to find. Then most likely the company will be liable for not adequately protecting your personal information or being to negligent in their verification process.

Of course this will mean you will have to deal with it which is a nuisance and very time-consuming. What kinds of things could an ID thief do with just with my birthday?

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The answers to these questions depend on space and time. By space I mean legislation in different countries and even the life style and welfare of the country someone is living in counts a lot. You can be surprised but there are lot of countries where even having a bank account is a luxury, in which case no one has to worry if his birthday is disclosed or not.

Also, when it comes to banks for example, they adapt themselves to the legislation of the countries where they are active. Also, within the same country, law changes by time so that when such information is useless for a nefarious person it can be interesting somehow in few years. In all cases, there is no security related system that depends only on your birthday to fulfill any step of authentication because may be your birthday is already mine according to the birthday paradox.

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But of course, the less you reveal about yourself the safest you are. But then this will lead us to pick between being paranoid, negligent or just a wise person. In that case, after a short research, I found that there are already some algorithms a bad person could run to guess your SSN based on your birthday and place of birth leading also to identity theft. In the United States, birthdays are matters of public record, and there's many online databases where they can be trivially looked up. In other countries such as Italy it's even less private. Your birthdate is routinely asked for on simple web forms, and is even included in a resume.

In essence, birthdays aren't secrets, and you shouldn't treat them like one. Yes, some bad websites use them for verification purposes. But keeping something a secret that isn't a secret is a foolish practice. With the name, birthday and address alone, an attacker could case your mailbox to find out which bank you have an account with. On your birthday, he could mail you a letter with that bank's letterhead containing some voucher for your birthday and asking you to visit a malicious link to redeem the voucher.

It is far-fetched. But the point I am trying to make is that you should try as much as possible to minimize the amount of public information because it is possible to obtain additional information from it. Secondly,I believe that there is no standard guideline on what information is considered public information and what information is not. For example, certain banks might consider your birthday to be private information and allow you to reset your PIN if you can provide the birthday. A good example for this is Matt Honan's identity theft. In , Apple considered the last 4 digits of the credit card number to be private information but Amazon considered them public information.

This resulted in him losing his entire digital life. In the UK, one specific result of revealing your birth date - within certain parameters - is that they can find your mother's maiden name. From there they can trace your parents marriage and all of your siblings. Given your name and birth date you can visit FreeBMD and, if your name is unusual it is possible to find registry details of your birth, including your mother's maiden name a common security question. If your name is common then a place of birth available from Facebook I believe can be used to narrow down your entry. Once they have your parents names they could then, from the same site, discover the names and dates of birth of all of your siblings.

Copies of birth and marriage certificates can be bought for a small fee, from which some further details can sometimes be derived. From there they can now use the Electoral Roll to track down your family home and address. This is clearly information-creep. Once a certain amount of information about you is out there, more can be developed form often free sources. This is a complex question because here the term of risk might be understood in 2 ways.

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You are asking the risk associated to the action of "communicating one's birth date to a company". Are you talking of the overall risk associated to the final result of this operation or are you talking of the added risk associated to this sole action. Here are two simple ways to get them to show you their ID.

Pull out your own ID and complain about how terrible your photo is. Or you might ask if their older ID has all the same marks and security features as your newly issued ID.

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Most people know at least a few celebrities or historical figures they share a birthday with. If they happen to share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe, then you can just Google her birthday and know that your significant other celebrates on June 1. When all else fails, you could always simply interrogate their friends.

Finding Personal Information : How to Find Someone's Birth Date

Most important are name including middle name , age and date of birth. When searching the sources below, use all the information first, then strip back until you hit a result. Your first destination should be the UK electoral roll, which lists everyone who is registered to vote: "You can find people's present and previous addresses as well as the other occupants in the property, their dates of birth and sometimes a telephone number," says Hart.

His preferred source is Come up empty-handed? Check Companies House for directors and company secretaries, at companieshouse. If they're listed, you can also find company turnover, assets and credit ratings here, as well as the other people involved in the organisation — useful for background checks. Or try Experian. It collects information on people, businesses, motor vehicles and insurance, searchable at experian. Legally, you're allowed to dig up information only on yourself.

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People have been known to pose as someone else, but we don't encourage that Then there's the Land Registry landregistry. The Title Register Property Register lists title deeds, which contain a description of the property, its tenure, the name and address of the owners, and the purchase price.