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I bought a used car that didn't come with a manual so I don't know the door code. I assume it's somewhere on the car. Where can I find this? I can't seem to find location on amy of my searches. Do you have both keys? Try that way. You can look in the manual online for the technique you have to put in both keys for a certain time. On my wife's Edge, it was on the fuse box behind the brake pedal. There's a little cover, take that off and you'll see some numbers on a white sticker.

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The code was located underneath driver's side dash but definitely NOT easy to find. Use mirror and flashlight as someone suggested. Hi I just bought a f and can't find d the code anywhere is it in a different spot for that year it was made Sept of does that make it a when it comes to these things????? Sean answered 3 years ago. I could not find the factory code and called the local Ford dealer. Common sense told me that this seemed like a rip off.

I went home and researched this site and went underneath the instrument panel on the drivers side above the emergency brake pedal. There was a white decal label on the side of a small box with a 5 digit code. I went back and told the service advisor and she said she knew about that but that they usually are scraped off.

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She never even told me to try to look and find the code. At least put a few minutes and search underneath the dash and you might find the universal code to reset. This was on a Taurus so I am sure others have the same situation. I complained to the Manager and felt like I was being taken advantage of. CarmenBaker answered 3 years ago.

I just bought a Ford Focus and didn't receive the code. Can anyone help me find where it is located in the car. Yary answered 3 years ago. I have a Taurus keys locked in no code. Fdeezy answered 3 years ago. Sean answered 2 years ago. GuruTRHP answered 2 years ago. GuruXMXW answered 2 years ago.

Jeff, I've tried the five digit code that has a letter but it didn't work, is there something I can do, please help me Thank you in advance. Brad answered 2 years ago. Why does my car look nothing like the picture jeff has posted? Cannot find it anywhere. Tried all suggestions, no luck. I didn't have to wait until Monday to talk to the dealership to get my code!!!

Jenna answered about a year ago. My was right above the parking break on the fuse box! Guru5L6ML answered about a year ago.

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Guru5SN6C answered about a year ago. That was great Jeff!! I looked in the trunk and all through all of my documentation and could not find it but there it was by my brake pedal like you said. I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg to get it.

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Thanks for the tip! I found my 5 digit on a larger white module to the right of the brake.

Finding the key code

It only had the first four numbers left. So I put in the first four numbers then worked my way up until I got it. GuruJ3 answered about a year ago. I found it same place on my Taurus. You have to angle the camera from gas pedal towards the middle above the brake pedal. Thanks all for the help. GuruW5XWY answered about a year ago. Worked like a charm on Taurus. Right where you said it was.

Kristi answered about a year ago.

It worked Thank you so much Jeff!!! Yay, it was very easy to find. Cubfans41 answered about a year ago.

How to retrieve your door factory key code

The vehicle will lock and unlock once again as confirmation that your new code has been entered correctly. It's important to know that the factory code can never be overwritten.

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You can only over-write yours or the previous owner's personal code. The factory code will always work. Some vehicles come equipped with a memory recall feature in which you can store your settings by pressing the button after entering your new code. If you go this route, it may be costly as the mechanic or specialist will have to hook up your vehicle to a computer to view the diagnostics. This is technically the only way to reset your Ford's keyless entry system without the factory code.

Of course, you'll need to provide proof of ownership for security purposes. It is a unique code assigned to every manufactured motor vehicle. Think of it as a social security number for your vehicle. They also exclude the letters O, Q, and I, to avoid any confusion with the numbers one and zero.

Each part of the VIN number provides you with specific information about your vehicle. This includes the year, country of origin, manufacturer's factory, the make and model, and the serial number of the vehicle. The front of the dash on the driver's side is the most common place to look. All you have to do is look through the windshield from the outside of the car. You can also find the VIN number by looking at your registration, insurance card, or vehicle title.

However, the actual VIN number on your vehicle is the most tried and true since it cannot be altered. By having a mechanic decode your VIN number to get the manufacturer's number, they will be able to retrieve your factory key code as well as cut you a new key for your vehicle. These number usually read from left to right, and each digit will tell you specific information.

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Now you know how to figure out your Ford's keyless entry code by VIN number. Even if you aren't driving a vehicle with a keyless code entry option, at least you know the power that your VIN number holds. Home Search Search Our Inventory. Log In. Make the most of your shopping experience by creating an account. You can:.