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See the Windows 10 Editions page to view and compare the key features that are available in each edition of Windows Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

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Win Server Standard Windows Server OEM Office Professional FPP Office Home And Business FileMaker Pro 16 Adobe Graphic Design An alpha-numeric string, located on the COA or on a flyer that comes with the COAs, designated to each Microsoft product that provides a unique identification number. Runtime Keys are used to prove authenticity and flash an Image across a line of embedded systems. Full Support Of Windows Advantech IoT Security Solutions. Advantech Logo.

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Channel Partners. When a Product Key is required for use by the rightful owner, the silver scratch off material should be removed with a fingernail to reveal the entire characters required to enable activation of the Product. A simple glance can allow a consumer to observe whether a COA label may have been tampered with. If upon receipt, a sufficient amount of the covering silver material has been removed and the entire character product key is exposed, this could indicate that the COA label has been tampered with and there is a potential that the product key has been compromised or used in an unintended manner.

If you experience any difficulty using the key for activation, please contact the OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer for support.

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If the removable silver material is not present on the concealment panel at all, there may be a clear film label retained in this area, which is evidence that the concealment feature was present and the scratch off material has been removed. Microsoft is taking this additional step to protect against unauthorized use of a product key. Consumers should also be aware that product keys are valuable targets for piracy, and it is prudent that precautions be taken to avoid unauthorized access or use of product keys wherever possible.

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Genuine Microsoft Labels. Have been preinstalled with or licensed for Windows 8, Windows 8. Are licensed for a Windows Pro product, but have been pre-installed with a Windows 7 Professional downgrade.

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These devices are licensed for Windows 8 Pro but not pre-installed with Windows 8 Pro. These devices would include a GML.

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Software is intellectual property, and licenses provide the right to use the software and define the conditions of use. The GML label is used to help users identify the edition of Windows preinstalled on a device and is also an indicator of whether the device is preinstalled with or licensed for genuine Windows. Most commonly the label is found on the back or bottom of the device. There are multiple things to look for when buying a Windows device to help identify if it is genuine. Get tips about buying genuine Microsoft software or make sure you have the right licensing for your business.